Lily Spencer
Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:19

Organised activities weren't usually appealing to Lily, but Sports Club did sound rather inviting after learning new games from her Muggle friends back home. She'd invited Jozua and Jack to come with her, but Jack was too busy with all of his responsibilities and studies, so Lily ventured off to the club on her own despite the nonexistent essay she had due in three days.

The Sports Room was her favourite for obvious reasons. In the years before she'd practised flying and Chasing, but now, as Pecari's new Seeker, she had to practise more of her hand-eye coordination and spotting the tiny Snitch in the midst of chaos. It was going to be so fun.

Whilst academics didn't come easily to her, sports did, and she loved learning about new ways to stay active and playing with new people. Fighting monsters and running around climbing trees and the sort had become less of a priority these days what with Quidditch practises and harder classes. It seemed a bit childish now as well, even though she would never say it out loud.

The setting of the Sports Room today looked very familiar, and Lily brightened up at the thought of playing football here at Sonora. It looked a lot like one of the primary schools she and her friends back home and snuck into after school hours to play in their field and loiter in the playground. She joined the others and greeted the faces she knew and the faces she didn't. Ben Pierce was leading this club, and though she didn't know him personally she wondered how he'd learnt how to play a game like kickball. She didn't know what baseball was, though she'd heard of it in passing, but joined the queue of kickers.

It looked very easy: Ben would roll the ball and the player would kick it as hard and far as possible. She could do that. She waited her turn impatiently, groaning a little when her team-mate made an awful kick or didn't know what to do, and cheering when a team-mate made a fantastic kick.

"OK, here I go," she said, running to the base when it was her turn. She nodded at Ben, and when he rolled it to her she kicked it far and high. She gleefully ran to first base, hoping nobody would catch the ball and she could keep on running.

  • Sports Club!Ben Pierce, Wed Apr 26 10:59
    OOC: As Gabe has been MIA for the better part on an IC year, I am assuming they agreed mutually that Ben has full control of the club now. BIC: Ben was running the Sports Club by himself now. This... more
    • Hurrah! — Lily Spencer, Wed Apr 26 12:19
      • Yay/boo!Brett Newell, Fri May 5 01:25
        The moment Brett Newell heard the words “sports club” was the exact moment that he decided for certain that he liked Sonora. Not only did it have the Labyrinth Gardens, which he patrolled routinely... more
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