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Brett Newell
Fri May 5, 2017 01:25

The moment Brett Newell heard the words “sports club” was the exact moment that he decided for certain that he liked Sonora. Not only did it have the Labyrinth Gardens, which he patrolled routinely with his sister Florence at his side, but there was a club, just for sports! Brett liked sports!

He would’ve played Quidditch, probably, but he forgot to sign up (and then forgot to show up to tryouts, since walk-ons were okay too), which was kind of funny since it made him the only Newell in the school who wasn’t on their House team. He was surprised the others had taken up the sport, really. Brett knew Makenzie had been playing for a little while now, but his siblings? Flo said she thought it sounded fun to play against him (oops) and with her friend Amelia, and he assumed Dustin, who was friends with Louis Valois, had been tricked somehow. Whatever the reasons, it still seemed weird. Brett was the athlete in the bunch. The others were just… well, society people.

Anyway, this Ben kid from Brett’s house said they were playing kickball today, which was a thing the first year had never played before, so he was pretty intrigued. Brett nodded along to the instructions before dashing off to find a place in the field.

Eventually this boyish looking girl (or girlish looking boy, Brett wasn’t quite sure) came up, and they kicked the ball really solid. It was coming right at him from the sky, so he planted himself in its shadow and got ready. But, upon closer inspection, the ball wasn’t quite the size he expected it to be, and it slipped through his hands, bouncing instead off his face. His hands instinctively went to cover the damaged area, and the ball rolled away, hopefully into one of his teammates’ possession. The pain subsided fairly quickly, and when he took his hands away, he was both pleased and disappointed to see there was no blood. “I’m okay!” he called to anyone who might have been waiting to see how he managed after impact. Makenzie and Flo did that a lot usually. “No damage!”

  • Hurrah!Lily Spencer, Wed Apr 26 12:19
    Organised activities weren't usually appealing to Lily, but Sports Club did sound rather inviting after learning new games from her Muggle friends back home. She'd invited Jozua and Jack to come with ... more
    • Yay/boo! — Brett Newell, Fri May 5 01:25
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