Angelique Brockert
Sat May 6, 2017 16:03

A nervous anticipation settled in the pits of Angelique's stomach as she waited for people to show up for the new choir she was putting together. This wasn't even meant to be about her showing her superb voice. She wasn't here to sing the lead and have them be nothing but a backup. Angelique didn't even care what kind of style they particularly did. Even if they sang Muggle pop songs .

She just wanted a group to belong to, friends. In the worst way possible, the Crotalus wanted friends. It wasn't fair, she shouldn't be an outcast. Angelique was not the sort of person who was supposed to be one. Not that she'd wish that on most people since she knew how dreadful it was. Maybe one of the sporty girls. Sort of a poetic justice.

Last year, she thought she'd have her chance when Louis Valois started a music club. Unfortunately, it had turned out to be an orchestra and Angelique didn't play an instrument. Her voice was her instrument. Oh, she'd started taking piano lessons as a young child as many did, but her father said that she should focus on voice lessons instead. After all, why focus on something you were sort of just okay at when you had an actual talent that you could focus on instead? That just made sense.

And what if nobody showed up? Would she have to rope Owen and Emerald into it? She already owed the latter a favor, as she'd been reminded when she'd asked the second year to put up a poster for the choir in Aladren. And would they, in turn, have to ask favors from their friends?

She sat and watched the clock, the seconds like minutes, the minutes like hours, even though she hadn't been truly sitting here all that long at all.

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