Ben Pierce, Pecari
Best Potions Class EVER!
Mon May 8, 2017 17:59

Ben Pierce was not a bad student. He did his homework assignments (most of the time). He didn't disrupt class. He was polite to his peers. He listened to the teachers and was able to regurgitate back most of the information they tried their best to pour into his brain.

He was not, however, a great student. He didn't do any more work than was required. He didn't put extra effort into really understanding the things he could pick up well enough to pass his tests. He was smart but not brilliant. He was scraping by on natural talent without really trying. He just didn't have any passion for learning.

So when Professor O'Malley instructed them to meet in the water room today, Ben was intrigued but not overly excited about what she had up her sleeve. It was still class, but it was the MARS room, so he was giving it the benefit of doubt.

As she explained their purpose, a grin first began to form, and then it continued to grow across his face. Fishing! They were going fishing! Or seahorsing, as the case may be, but basically fishing. With magic. And they were going to get a grade for this? Well, she hadn't said anything about a grade, but they were definitely spending a lecture period on it at any rate, so it was just as good.

Best. Class. Ever.

Ben headed to the edge of the large pond, and held out his wand. His eyes darted over the water surface, picking and choosing his first target. There. He flung the wand forward in an almost casting motion and called out, "Carpe Retractum!"

The golden rope spooled out just narrowly missing his seahorse, but it was close enough to be encouraging rather than frustrating. He bit his lip in concentration and tried again. "Carpe Retractum!" And caught! "Yes!" He pulled back, but in so doing, the seahorse slipped free of its loop. "Dangit," Ben muttered, and looked to his side to see how his nearest classmate was doing.

"How do you tighten the loop in the rope so they don't get away after you catch them?" he asked, hoping they remembered from Charms because it was slipping his mind as completely as the seahorse had slipped his rope.

  • Fly fishing! [Potions, Years III-V]Professor Sophie O'Malley, Fri Apr 7 21:17
    The intermediates had been informed at the previous class that they would not need their textbooks next time they convened. They had also been told that the lesson would take place in the first MARS... more
    • Best Potions Class EVER! — Ben Pierce, Pecari, Mon May 8 17:59
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