Raine Collindale
Attempting to multitask (tag Ben)
Fri Jun 2, 2017 04:43

Kyte had neither informed her beforehand, nor explained now, why Ben had joined their evening practise holding a large book. Raine loved her twin very dearly, but had always had the feeling that one day she might brutally murder him, and the feeling that that day was getting closer and closer had only increased with their teenage years. She liked Ben fine, and had greeted him perfectly politely, and offered for him to at least join their warm up, but she needed to focus on practising, and she wasn’t sure she could do that with someone reading at her - nor could she concentrate well enough on the class material for it to actually be really useful, and she felt sort of bad that he was wasting his time on them. Then there were other things, things that showed Kyte just really didn’t think.

One such thing was the clothes. It wasn’t like Ben hadn’t seen her in something revealing before, he’d come to some of their shows, after all, where she mostly wore spangly leotards. But then he was one anonymous audience member amongst many, and a good deal further away. She had worn leggings and a crop top for this evening’s practice on the assumption that it was only going to be her and Kyte. She’d had a loose sweater over the top for her walk down to MARS which she had initially vowed to keep on, but it slipped up and got in her way every time she went upside down, so she had abandoned it and hoped that Ben was going to be polite enough to at least pretend not to notice that he could see a large amount of her torso on display. Raine wasn’t usually very bothered about her body (which, for the most part, was actually pretty awesome, as she could make it do whatever she wanted, with enough practise) but then she wasn’t usually waving it around in someone else’s face quite so directly, and she felt the full force of teenage self-consciousness at having to do so now. Raine didn’t exactly think of herself as attractive - attractive girls had this kind of… shininess, mostly in their perfect, flicky hair, which her own mess of wavy, mousy locks failed to hit on several counts. She was also rather too naive to register the fact that teenage boys might be able to imagine some creative uses for the fact that she could do the splits and pretty much fold herself in half. Had she realised this, she might have felt rather guilty. She’d heard rumours that Ben was dating Tess, and Tess was one her best friends… Given that she was working on her aerial hoop tricks, the phrase ‘dangling herself in front of his face’ was rather startlingly literal right now.

There were limited days when they could use the pitch, which was the only space big enough for Kyte to actually practise on his broom and at speed, but he was currently working through a handstand sequence on a bar in the corner. Raine’s hoop was in the middle of the room, and she worked through the choreography her mother had suggested, whilst Ben read. With one leg hooked over the top of her hoop, the other stuck straight out behind her, she arched her back and stretched her arms out at a diagonal through the hoop. Bringing her hands around to grip the frame, she carefully dropped herself a few inches so that her previously hooked leg was now out straight, her torso hanging below the lower rim of the hoop, and let go with her hands, stretching them out to the sides and trusting in the counterbalancing positions of her legs. She regarded Ben upside-down, a quizzical expression on her face. She held the pose for a few seconds before pulling herself up to sit like the lady in the moon.

“Say that last part again please?” she requested, now that the blood was not rushing to her head.

OOC: The first 22 seconds of this video is what I’m attempting to describe above. I’m aware that Ben already mentioned doing some practices with Kyte in COMC, so if this would change his thoughts at all, we can assume that Kyte and Raine only do some evenings together, and one of those hadn’t happened yet, although mostly it would be both of them around.

    • Playing it coolBen, Wed Jun 7 10:23
      Ben tried not to stare when Raine arrived. He assumed Kyte had been similarly lax in telling her than Ben would here as he'd been in telling Ben that she would. He figured he was supposed to have... more
      • You're doing very wellRaine, Thu Jun 8 10:15
        As she had suspected, Raine found it hard to focus, even when she was sitting upright in a relatively neutral position, her mind was already skipping ahead to the next trick. Ben was telling her that ... more
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