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Come on in, the water's lovely (tag Owen)
Sat Jun 3, 2017 09:01

Jemima was normally a good girl who followed the rules. Her Aladren siblings had seen the inherent logical flaws in the way society tried to restrict their libidoes, or at least pretended to want to do so; Francesca had realised that dates for the most part, were conducted in public so that it could be assured that both parties were behaving, even though both parties were old enough to arrange a rendez-vous for later and simply apparate out to it once they had, on the surface of it, returned to their separate homes like good chaste little boys and girls - on top of which, for most of the year, they locked up all the hormonal teenagers in boarding schools with each other and much more limited supervision. Given that it was so very easy to misbehave, Francesca had concluded that no one really cared if she did, so long as she wasn’t stupid enough to get herself pregnant or otherwise disgraced, because all their parents surely remembered what it was like to be young, in love, and desperately horny (or at least two out of three of these) and yet took no limits beyond stern frowny lectures to make sure that they weren’t doing any of the things that everyone must know they wanted to. Theodore had given it considerably less logical analysis, and had just been drawn down the path of getting his rocks off but feeling guilty about it. Jemima, however, knew the rules and was not prone to questioning them. Her own blindspot came more in understanding them, or applying them to herself. She knew girls from good families were not meant to… behave indelicately with men because of the effect it could have on their reputation. However, Owen was not men. Owen was Owen. He was her boyfriend, and sweet and wonderful to the very core. If a girl casually dated a boy, he could trash talk her afterwards, and it was just one person’s word against the other’s. However, she couldn’t believe that she and Owen were anything except forever, or that he really would do something horrid like that.

She and Owen kissed a lot. But most of it was on the hand-holding, been-dating-since-third-year, cute-and-publically-acceptable kissing level. It was good morning kisses, or have a good class kisses, or I’ll see you later kisses. Those kisses had been gradually turning more long and lingering. Jemima found herself hanging back, hoping they’d be the last people in the common room so she could kiss Owen goodnight properly. And then, as she lay in bed, she’d find herself thinking about where they might have gone from there, if they could be sure no one else would walk in on them, if there weren’t rules that said they shouldn’t… But shouldn’t what? She knew the big thing that she shouldn’t do with Owen, and she was pretty sure that anything that involved either of them removing clothing would be frowned on by both sets of parents and the school. But surely they could kiss…. Just, perhaps, a little more than they had been, and with a little more privacy…

They’d often made use of the water room for dates, and so she didn’t think it was that unusual that she’d suggested a Saturday swim to him. Swimming rarely meant swimming in any strenuous sense of the word as neither of them was very sporty - it more meant a lazy afternoon of splashing around or stretching on sun loungers. Swimming was also a perfectly innocent excuse for her to get her boyfriend to take his shirt off, and for him to see her in something akin to underwear. Jemima had always loved clothes, and underwear shopping was no exception. There were so many fun prints and cute matching sets, of which she now owned a great deal. She looked forward to the day when they were something Owen could enjoy too. She imagined him coming home, up to their bedroom, where she would be waiting to show him what she’d bought…

Of course, this was in the future, where she would also have a perfectly toned stomach and absolutely no self-consciousness about her body. Neither of those things was quite there yet, which meant that she didn’t actually own a bikini at present. She thought that she looked pretty good in her swimsuit though. It was black, with white edging, and with cut outs at the side, both of which served to make her look slimmer, given that people were used to mentally processing the fabric on show as being the width of the person’s body. Jemima was by no means fat, but she had grown up in a house full of beanpoles where she was the only one to be any kind of different shape or size. Francesca and Ingrid were both skinny and long limbed, as were both of the boys, and Ingrid had overtaken her in the height-stakes when she was twelve - something in which Jemima was definitely destined to never catch up. They were all lithe, elegant creatures, with sharp features, whereas she was altogether… rounder. Shorter, with a round race, and not fat, but definitely not athletic either. There was one point where this could be considered an advantage (or probably two from Owen’s point of view, but Jemima didn’t think that having a noticeable butt was a good feature), and that was the fact that she already had more going on in the chest department than Francesca. She had neither the confidence nor permissive enough parents to have opted for a plunging neckline but there was a slight V to it and, frankly, only a certain extent to which one’s shape could be hidden when wearing a skin tight fabric.

She and Owen headed down to MARS, hand in hand. The water room was laid out like an elegant resort, a shining, turquoise pool with wiggling edges awaiting them, sun loungers down one side. Jemima was wearing her swimsuit under a short floral sundress, which she now peeled off, casting it onto one of the sun loungers. She dived into the sparkling water.

“Come join me,” she grinned up at Owen.

OOC - descriptions of relationship stuff approved by Owen’s author.

    • You don't have to ask me twiceOwen Brockert, Wed Jun 21 23:28
      Owen was very excited for his date with Jemima. Not that he didn't see her every day and spend time with her everywhere he could. Lingering in the common room every night and taking classes together... more
      • And then..?Jemima, Tue Jul 11 23:19
        Jemima watched Owen peeling his shirt off, smiling to herself. Once he joined her in the pool though, she lost some of the confidence she'd had in her head when picturing this scene. It was very easy ... more
        • Then we keep doing this!Owen, Tue Jul 18 19:01
          "Yes, it is." Owen agreed. He blushed when Jemima said it was doubly so with him there. "And same. Of course having you with me makes any place better, even unpleasant ones such as the hospital wing... more
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