Playing it cool
Wed Jun 7, 2017 10:23

Ben tried not to stare when Raine arrived. He assumed Kyte had been similarly lax in telling her than Ben would here as he'd been in telling Ben that she would. He figured he was supposed to have guessed it on his own, as he knew Kyte and Raine generally practiced together, but she probably should have been given some warning. "Erm, hi, Raine," he greeted her and told himself she was like a sister to him since Kyte was basically a brother, seeing as they shared a room and stuff, so by extension, Raine was family, too, so if she was comfortable being dressed like that around Kyte there was no reason Ben being there should be any different.

He did join the warm up, because she invited him to, and because he didn't think that would slow them down any, and because, well, he was going to spend a lot of the next couple hours sitting and reading aloud, so the chance to be active, if only for warming up, was appealing.

After that, though, he settled down nearby and picked up the first of the textbooks he'd be reading from. Care of Magical Creatures, chosen first because he found the material a bit more interesting and therefore slightly more likely to keep him on task than just watching a circus lesson and cheering at all the awesome things they were trying to learn to do.

This got more difficult than expected when Raine took off her sweater. Like a sister, he reminded himself and took a moment to study the picture of the Augurey in his book, "And then there's a picture of one. So, it's kind of bird of prey looking," he added, so it would seem like he'd been looking at it so intensely for study related purposes,"with a longish down-curved beak and greenish black feathers. Anyway, it goes on," and he carefully kept his eyes on the words in front of him instead of his roommate's exposed midriff.

As they continued to practice and he continued to read, he did find his eyes drifting up now and then, drawn to Raine initially, but then going over to Kyte as well, so it looked like he was just interested in how they were progressing, before returning to the next sentence. He'd chosen a mat equidistant between the twins so his voice would carry equally to them, so while he was closer to them than he would have been as an audience member, he was well enough back that he wasn't in the way or too likely to be more of a distraction than reading aloud about Augureys was by its nature distracting.

"Its diet consists of insects, fairies and flies, which it hunts for in the heavy rain. Intensely shy, the Augurey lives in a tear-shaped nest in thorn and brambles," he continued to read aloud, then looked up in time to see Raine dangling upside down in what looked to him like a very precarious position on her hoop before she pulled herself back upright and asked him to repeat that part.

His mind blanked completely on what he had just read, stuck mostly as it was on the vision he'd just seen, but luckily his finger was holding his place and he reread it silently to himself before answering, "I said the Augurey lives in a nest of thorn and brambles and hunts mostly during rainstorms because it's very shy. It eats bugs and fairies. That looked really cool," he added, trying to play cool on his staring.

He glanced over to see if Kyte was paying any attention at all (more to gauge how likely his friend was to have noticed Ben looking at his sister in a way that was probably not as sisterly as Ben wished it was than to see if he was learning anything) then looked back down at his book and started reading the next paragraph.

OOC: As in COMC class, the information about Augureys is taken from http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Augurey

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