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You're doing very well
Thu Jun 8, 2017 10:15

As she had suspected, Raine found it hard to focus, even when she was sitting upright in a relatively neutral position, her mind was already skipping ahead to the next trick. Ben was telling her that something ate bugs and fairies. And that that had looked really cool. She smiled shyly, biting her lip as if letting a full blown smile out might be considered too egotistical a way to receive a compliment.

“Thank you,” she said, with sincerity and a slight blush. Raine wasn’t very used to compliments. Her family praised her, when praise was due for a hard day’s work, or when she got a move just right, but they were used to all this - they expected this from her. Ben always sounded much more in awe of what she and Kyte could do, and it made her feel happy and special, especially when it was contrasted with school, which so consistently failed to make her feel anything except varying degrees of below average.

Kyte didn’t particularly register the exchange between them - he noticed that Ben had stopped talking in favour of Raine talking, but he wasn’t giving either of their words a lot of attention, and as his head had been upside down and back to front, he had noticed neither Ben’s cautious glances at him, nor his admiring glances at Raine. There was a muffled swear word as he missed a handhold and had to fumble for his position but he recovered.

Rained continued her routine, working through a few easy poses, including the mermaid, which was one of her favourites, bringing herself back into the hoop with her back to Ben so that she could be facing him during the next section, which again involved a large amount of hanging upside down.

“Hey, Ben?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder. “Uh, sorry to interrupt,” she added cautiously, as she still wasn’t totally sure how this arrangement was meant to work, but as Ben had broken off for small talk earlier, she figured it was probably ok. “Can you watch this and let me know if I keep my legs straight - just on the first and last move, they’re meant to curve on the others? My mom’s always nagging me…” She gripped the top of the hoop, pulling herself upside down with her legs (more or less) straight up in a pencil. She curved them to the side before flexing at the knees, and finally bringing one leg either side of her arms, slowly spreading them in a straddle. It was a tough sequence to hold, and she could feel the sweat beading on her arms and chest. Whilst Kyte tended to be a swearer, Raine was a moaner, and she groaned a little as she held the final position. She brought herself back to sitting, slightly breathless, and pretty sure that she was already glistening - Merlin, she must look gross. “How did that look?” she asked.

OOC - Sequence from 1:58 (link should start there) to 2:08, but then going into this position before returning to seating.

  • Playing it coolBen, Wed Jun 7 10:23
    Ben tried not to stare when Raine arrived. He assumed Kyte had been similarly lax in telling her than Ben would here as he'd been in telling Ben that she would. He figured he was supposed to have... more
    • You're doing very well — Raine, Thu Jun 8 10:15
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