Montrose Air Station-Existing WW1Hangars etc.
Thu Apr 20, 2017 14:08

Where to start? On Monday I visited Montrose Air Station, built 1913 and the 1st for the RFC/RAF for WW1 use later. Still exists, large grass areas, WW1 Hangars Huts dating from 1915 etc and a great museum, see link. Saw a Camel and Be2 Replica, machine guns and much more.
2nd/ Was interviewed regarding Albert Ball VC the WW1 air ace again today by the BBC for the One Show. (See post around here and more to come).

3rd?Coincidence-just came back off lunch and met a grand daughter of the last WW1 American Air ace to die, he was James William Pearson, a Spad, Camel and Dolphin pilot with at least 12 victories and claims for 33.
4th/ Was contacted by someone for an upcoming book project on the RAF.

Am I excited or what?

Life is good!

Sorry for my abscence on here, Pip and all!

I am back.

Link for RAF Montose here and museum;

Best wishes

Paul Davies

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