The loss of One of The Few-"Wonky" Way.
Tue Aug 8, 2017 10:52

Basil "Wonky" Way was killed on July 25th 1940 as related by Alan Deere in his book Nine Lives and in Colin Gray`s own book-Spitfire Patrol. Here is an account from another 54 Squadron pilot who witnessed the end of the Dunkirk fighter ace who was well respected by all who knew him:"The 109s coming at us from above as we still struggled for height Way* being hit and falling away out of sight -F/L B.H.(Wonky) Way 54 Squadron Hornchurch [he was dead]. I remember the 109 attacking me from the port side, my trying to turn in towards him, the loud bangs of his cannon-shells striking my Spitfire as he hit me from an almost full deflection angle; and even through the pounding fear that I felt, admiring his marksmanship. A few seconds later, with my aeroplane miraculously still answering apparently normally to the controls, finding myself behind two Me 109s, aligning my sight on one, pressing the gun button and the guns failing to fire; then diving out of the fight to return to base.

Pilot Officer D.R.Turley-George 54 Squadron RAF

Today there are only around 10 of The Few left alive as of today`s date with the sad passing of Ken Wilkinson (19 and 616 Sqn)

Paul Davies

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