Paul Davies
Battle of Britain Poetry Corner (Resurrected!)
Tue Aug 8, 2017 21:28

For Zoraida and all lovers of Battle of Britain and Flying Poetry, we used to share these on Battle of Britain Poetry Corner from the Battle of Britain Remembered Magazines way back and more recently online from 2009/2010 onwards.

I hope that you enjoy this one:

Paul Davies

The Battle of Britain

I’ll tell of the Battle of Britain,
As happened up there in the sky,
When the Fuhrer tried to invade us,
And we gave him a poke in the eye.

Twer this way. Back in 1940,
As the Jerrys, they gave us a knock,
A chap called Goring told Hitler,
“Let’s give those Englanders a shock”.

“Why don’t we just go and invade them?”,
My Luftwaffe leading the way.
We can all be in London by teatime,
It won’t take us more than a day!”

Well, Adolf considered the matter,
And decided that Herman was right.
So he called all his Generals together,
And planned the invasion that night.

They started for England in July,
The air was so calm and so still,
And by early in August their bombers,
Were trying to crush Biggin Hill?

But a Hurricane rose as they came in,
As did a Spitfire or two
And the problem the RAF faced then
Was that numbers were pitifully few,

In trying to thwart the armada
They went up in squadron or less
And the outcome of many a battle
Owed more to luck than finesse

So they had to come up with an answer
That would hurt the enemy most,
And using the ‘magic’ of RADAR
They began to catch raids off the coast

As the bombers came over the Channel,
And flew in across the North Sea
Our ‘Home Chain’ listening stations
Plotted their routes to a tee

So now it was ‘Action’ and ‘Scramble’
With plenty of time to prepare
And when our boys left their stations
They knew just where to go in the air.

They took off with anticipation
And climbed up to ‘Angels One-Five’
Where they waited for incoming bombers
And prayed that they’d get home alive

Their attacks were pursued without question
They gladly put lives on the line
But they all hoped to make it back safely
For the ‘Mess’ had some pretty fine wine!

But when they eventually got home
It was bed and a quick pint of beer
With one ear listing for ‘Scramble’
And a lot less time to prepare!

For the bombers just didn’t stop coming
Throughout the summer that year
But thanks to the young men in question
They turned back in panic and fear

And who were those pilots that met them?
Well, they came from all over the place
There were Poles and Czechs and Canucks
There were ground crew from every race.

For whilst the battle was Britain’s
We needed their help to prevail
And without support from these allies
There was a pretty fair chance we would fail

But then one day in September
The Fuhrer sent in all his planes
With orders to Blitzkrieg the cities
And continue to bomb the remains

It gave relief to our air fields,
Their bombers were caught on the hop
And as they returned from their sorties,
Our lads just gave ‘em the chop.

By October the bombing had finished,
With the Luftwaffe now on the run
The Battle of Britain was over
The Battle for Europe begun.

And so we must always remember,
Mister Churchill was right in his view,
That never, in the field of conflict,
Would so many, owe so much, to so few!

James Wiggins - 2010
(with grateful thanks to ‘The Battle of Hastings’)

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