(Gerry)Are there only 10 Of The Few left
Tue Aug 8, 2017 21:38

Dear all,

Gerry, Simon and Pip especially.

With the sad loss recently of Ken Wilkinson, it set my mind to something Gerry said a while ago and possibly Simon also in regard to a few other names we missed off our list. Certainly I think we have less than an airborne Squadron sized unit (12) of pilots/Aircrew now with us as, sadly, the years and months draw by.

Pip and Simon-do any of you have corrected lists of surviving Battle of Britain aircrew? I make this 10 only now known to the Battle of Britain Fighter Association with a sneaking suspicion some others are alive but not registered with them or Abroad, unknown addresses or in Nursing Homes and lost touch with families not knowing who to let know until they pass over.

I want to do some profiles on each one and hopefully get some anecdotes and information for each before we lose the Last of The Few.

Best wishes

Paul Davies

    • Re: (Gerry)Are there only 10 Of The Few leftAnonymous, Mon Sep 4 16:13
      Hi Paul, Hope that you are well. There are other aircrew that have chosen to take a back seat and not be a part of the fuss surrounding the BoB. With regard to a list, I agree that the number of... more
      • 9 of The Few known survivors, poss up to 5 more?Paul Davies, Wed Sep 13 17:19
        I am sad to record the death of another of The Few: During the Battle of Britain he served with 249 Hurricane fighter squadron and was then Pilot Officer P A Loweth. Philip Anthony Loweth joined the... more
      • 10-15 of The Few Paul Davies, Sun Sep 10 17:36
        Hi Gerry Thank you. I thought that there could be more than 10 but that we would not know until possibly after they die and then see an Obituary or some family notification, and then understand that... more
    • The List of Surviving Few (January 2017 list above) shows for example Keith Lawrence who passed away some time ago and others that I think have lost touch also as indicated by Patrick Tootall and... more
      • Unfortunately it's the unstoppable onward march of time. Omar Khayyam summed it up the best... "The moving finger writes and having writ moves on Nor all thy piety nor wit Shall lure it back to... more
        • Very Apt!
        • The honour of their company.Paul Davies, Wed Aug 9 13:50
          Great words and true. Thank you for that pause for thought. Yes, sadly death is part of life. My only hope is that these men will be remembered and spoken of, read about and listened to from their... more
          • Re: The honour of their company.Anonymous, Tue Dec 12 13:26
            Sadly, since this was written, we saw the loss of Nigel Rose and Smythe of these men who fought in the Battle of Britain in Hurricanes, Spitfires, etc.
            • Now thought to be just 7 of the Last Few.Paul Davies, Fri Jan 26 12:07
              Sadly, Owen Hardy, one of the last of The Few, passed away January 4th 2018 leaving, it is tnhought, around 7 of the surviving Few known to the Battle of Britain Fighter Association today. There may... more
              • Correction to above, sorry, not one of The Few.Paul Davies, Fri Jan 26 12:53
                Correction:I was repeating a post over on Twitter, which, on checking, was incorrect. Owen Hardy fought after the Battle of Britain period. He acheived 6 plus victories. There are thought to be now 8 ... more
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