Flt Lt. Philip Loweth , 249 Squadron Hurricanes, passed away
Wed Sep 13, 2017 17:30

I am sad to record the death of another of The Few: During the Battle of Britain he served with 249 Hurricane fighter squadron and was then Pilot Officer P A Loweth.

Philip Anthony Loweth joined the RAF on a short service commission and began his initial training course on 1st May 1939.
Loweth began his intermediate and advanced course at 11 FTS Shawbury on 8th July 1939 but something hindered his progress and he did not complete his training until May 1940.
Loweth then joined 249 Squadron at Church Fenton on 16th May, direct from 11 FTS.
His last sortie with 249 was made on 3rd September 1940, a patrol.
He was not a casualty but he was taken off flying duties on 20th September while still with 249 Squadron.
His subsequent service is currently undocumented until he was released from the RAF in 1950 as a Flight Lieutenant.
Philip was one of The Few who was prepared to give his own life, if needed, for his country, when he went up to defend British people from the hordes of bombers bent on the destruction and enslavement of this country. He was one of the last 2 survivors of 249 Squadron along with Tom Neil. There are now known to be only between 9 and 12 of The Few left, as far as is known. Eight are known to the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, some others are not in contact and may have passed but there is no records for these.
Known survivors of The Few at time of writing are:
Flight Lieutenant William Terence Clark, DFM, 219 Squadron, Blenheims
Wing Commander John Francis Durham Elkington, 1 Squadron, Hurricanes
Wing Commander Paul Caswell Farnes DFM, British, 501 Squadron, Hurricanes
Squadron Leader J. S. Hart 602 Canadian 54, 81 and 602 Squadrons
Flight Lieutenant William Robert Kent Hughes, DFC, AE, 23 Squadron, Blenheims
Flight Lieutenant Maurice Hewlett Mounsdon, 56 Squadron, Hurricanes
Wing Commander Thomas Francis Neil, DFC, AFC, 249 Squadron, Hurricanes
Flight Lieutenant Ronald Henry Smyth, DFC, 111 Squadron, Hurricanes
Squadron Leader Geoffrey Harris Augustus Wellum, DFC, 92 Squadron, Spitfires
Recently passed over were:Nigel Rose 602 Spitfire Squadron
Kenneth Wilkinson 19 and 616 Spitfire Squadron
Flt Lt. Philip Loweth , 249 Squadron Hurricanes, passed away recently and this news has only just been made known to me. May he rest in peace. Paul Davies

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