Sat Feb 10, 2018 18:04

Sorry for missing photos etc.
Will look into it...

    • The Missing Links. (A competition)Paul (The Wag) Davies, Wed Feb 14 11:12
      I think it is: A/ Snow (in Winter, to be expected.) B/ Someone has stolen them (I blame the Commies!) C/It is my eyes going-along with everything else. D/None of the above but a more sensible answer. ... more
      • Re: The Missing Links. (A competition)Smithy, Tue Feb 20 19:11
        No Paul, Pip's just forgotten to put money in the meter again :-)
        • Bills and spillspip, Wed Feb 21 07:06
          Ha!!! Yes I do get regular reminders to pay the bill for this site.... but haven't had time to check out why the pics are missing yet..Will do when I can...just not a top priority seeing no one uses... more
          • Re: Bills and spillsSmithy, Wed Feb 21 12:50
            'What next coffee and knitting mornings!!!" So long as there's cake Pip I'm in! We need a "membership drive" or whatever you call it for here. There's only about 3 of us here for goodness' sake. It's ... more
      • MInd the Gappip, Thu Feb 15 09:10
        Sorry for the gaps.. Not had time to investigate yet...will do soon as ..
    • Re: MissingSmithy, Mon Feb 12 23:49
      I wondered what had happened Pip. Hope all's well with you and yours. Tim Mk.II
      • Tim MarkII missingPaul Davies, Wed Feb 14 11:18
        Hi Tim. surely you have advanced to a Mark IX now? Mark II was a great model though! Best wishes Paul
        • Re: Tim MarkII missingSmithy, Wed Feb 14 19:31
          Don't want to get too full of myself Paul! II will do :-) Plus Tim Elkington will always be the first Tim round these parts and I just happen to play second fiddle. It's funny if you've spoken to old ... more
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