Re: Tim MarkII missing
Wed Feb 14, 2018 19:31

Don't want to get too full of myself Paul! II will do :-) Plus Tim Elkington will always be the first Tim round these parts and I just happen to play second fiddle.

It's funny if you've spoken to old Spitfire pilots and have asked them their favourite marque to fly. I've found the Mk.IIa was a popular response due to the clean wing - no cannons to spoil the shape of that beautiful elliptical and a bit more beef in the engine from the Mk.I. Saying that the two others usually named are the V and the IX. I've never had one say to me one of the Griffon types which is interesting.

I'm a sucker for them all but if push came to shove, yes that beautiful unspoilt wing of the early marques pips them all at the post.

Tim Mk.II

  • Tim MarkII missingPaul Davies, Wed Feb 14 11:18
    Hi Tim. surely you have advanced to a Mark IX now? Mark II was a great model though! Best wishes Paul
    • Re: Tim MarkII missing — Smithy, Wed Feb 14 19:31
      • Spitfires, Mark I to 24.Paul Davies, Thu Feb 22 22:03
        Hi Tim, I have one of Tom Neil`s books here called From the Cockpit-Spitfire. Which was once his best seller-he told me in 2010. In this he talks of the Spitfire V and the XII which he considered... more
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