Peter Jackson-what is happening with The Dambusters remake?
Thu Feb 22, 2018 20:56

Hi Pip, Tim Mark II , Peter Jackson (And all others who see this!)

I will invite a few members from some of my sites to liven things up. Also, there are some who are trigger happy if you say something that they think is wrong or spelled wrong or disagrees with how they see the same thing but in a different light.

I miss the verbal punch ups I had with Historian Robert Dixon and some authors as well as even once, (if you remember?) a guy we had on here called Peter Jackson about what to call the dog in the remake of the film for Dambusters-which never came off.

I had a right ding-dong until someone told me he was Peter Jackson the film producer. He spoke to me for a while then abandoned the project due to the success of The Hobbit and needing to make the Lord of the Rings succeeding Films.

I suspect that the storm of protest over him changing that dog`s original name, despite it being also originally used as the code word for the breaching of the Moehne Dam:He changed to Nigsby or whatever he decided on, had something to do with opening a can of worms and he shelved it!

There was more debate over the dog and historical accuracy versus Political correctness which was a fight for the past versus the present day as much as anything that the wonderful stuff he created for this film was forgotten and the intention to bring this story up to date for a modern audience instead of the 1950s one it was intended for originally, who still remembered the war. His film creativity included also the full size mock ups of Lancasters, still hidden somewhere in Hangars.

Anyhow, Robert Dixon, rest in peace-you are not forgotten.

Peter Jackson-what is happening with The Dambusters remake?

Best wishes

Paul Davies

  • Bills and spillspip, Wed Feb 21 07:06
    Ha!!! Yes I do get regular reminders to pay the bill for this site.... but haven't had time to check out why the pics are missing yet..Will do when I can...just not a top priority seeing no one uses... more
    • Peter Jackson-what is happening with The Dambusters remake? — Paul Davies, Thu Feb 22 20:56
      • It's shelved for the mo Paul. The replica Lancs and the Lanc interior mock ups are at Weta's storage facilities just outside of Wellington. The dog certainly created a great kerfuffle. I personally... more
        • Remake Dawn Patrol!Paul Davies, Mon Mar 19 16:31
          Hi I wondered why he had that collection of WW1 aircraft and wondered if it was linked with some project along the lines of The Aviator, Wings, Aces High or a re-make of Hells Angels or Dawn Patrol... more
          • Re: Remake Dawn Patrol!Smithy, Thu Mar 22 09:29
            Hi Paul, I imagine that he will do something down the line Paul, it just doesn't make sense not too. I love "Winged Victory" too - it's probably one of the greatest books about war flying there is -... more
            • WW1 film by Peter Jackson.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:53
              Hi Smithy You are right. There is a film which could be made easily using much published material including many words written by the famous pilots of 56 Squadron:Ball VC, McCudden VC, Arthur... more
              • WW1 Interview on Ball VC.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 14:03
                I copied the text from the BBC site I was interviewed for as one day Links get broken or sites disappear I find. My interviews with Greg Watson of the BBC were very long but cut down to these brief... more
    • Re: Bills and spillsSmithy, Wed Feb 21 12:50
      'What next coffee and knitting mornings!!!" So long as there's cake Pip I'm in! We need a "membership drive" or whatever you call it for here. There's only about 3 of us here for goodness' sake. It's ... more
      • Re: Bills and spillsAnonymous, Thu Feb 22 21:01
        Tio estas tipa, ĉesante ludi rugbeon per larvo esperanto Try that Smithy!
      • Re: Bills and spillspip, Thu Feb 22 09:08
        Someone say CAKE!!!!! Yep sadly the old BOBHSociety forum days are over. Let's just hope the interest in THE FEW.. (that seems to be thriving hugely still )...continues forever In the words of... more
        • Cheers to The Few and all of you.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:30
          Hi Pip We shall remember them. I have spread the word through a few thousand people across Linked In, Facebook and Twitter as well as on deveral Internet sites and forums and fell quite hopeful that... more
          • Spell Checking recommendedPaul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:31
            I am famous for letting my enthusiasm get in the way of a good spell check!
        • Bills, Sills, Cake and Heroes.Paul Davies, Thu Feb 22 21:28
          Hi Pip, I cannot get exact numbers but when I passed on some (It turned out to be wrong) information on Tom Neil, a while back, over on another site on Facebook-I had at leadt 1400 responses within a ... more
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