Bills, Sills, Cake and Heroes.
Thu Feb 22, 2018 21:28

Hi Pip,

I cannot get exact numbers but when I passed on some (It turned out to be wrong) information on Tom Neil, a while back, over on another site on Facebook-I had at leadt 1400 responses within a couple of hours mourning his passing.

It was someone who had known Tom for a while, knew was ill a short while before, then knew he was in hospital, then he passed on the news that he had just got- saying Tom Neil had passed over. I posted tributes and spread the sad news-to be mortified when someone who was in contact with Tom, contacted me saying that he had just checked with Tom, after hearing the sad news and then spoken with Tom, who was puzzled as to the sudden fuss about him , which he appreciated but that we had the story wrong! Sadly, it was Tom`s Wife who had been taken to hospital and who had died shortly afterwards,not him, and, yes, Tom had been ill but that it was someone who knew him, who cared, and had put two and two to make five.

I apologized online and to Tom and changed all tributes to be about his wife, her time as a wartime WAAF, etc and this got again a huge response.

The point I make is that when they thought Tom had gone, the stir this created was huge and carried on with ripples for weeks after the original post. I got some nice e mails back from people as I was embarrassed by this mistake, but they understood how someone else had got it wrong.

I think that when men like Geoff Wellum go to join their fallen friends there will be many thousands of sad people-they do still care and this was brought home to me from the above mistaken post.

I post tributes to all the recently departed aircrew of The Few and I see many more to them across many sites.

I cannot understand what the New B Of B Historical Society is about yet and was offered to join but never did. It is not the same force it was, being used for remembering The Few, the school education programme, the Plaques, the grave adaption, the help with tv documentaries, book and magazine publishing and helping The Few in many ways-not least the flight over the sites of the Battle of Britain in that Virgin Airliner which Tim Elkington and many were taken on, after Bill Bond and others organised this. The Battle of Britain Monument on the Thames Embankment is also a tribute to the original Society and the credits I see in some documentaries from around 1990 onwards until the original one folded-in 2011?

I do miss the days of the forum and wonder where everyone went to?

I noticed Tim Elkington and a few old members on some sites and some are over on Facebook who I speak to at odd times, so interest is still there.

I tried to stop my sites a while back and got lots of people telling me to carry on, including some museums, some computer game simulation companies and other places, as they share my posts. I never knew this so carried on but will possibly stop and hand over the role to others after the last of The Few has passed. I will always remember them and feel that the new generation coming through will continue to honour their memory.

I will always treasure this site and the forerunners for making my boyhood dreams come true and for being able to meet these men and to talk about them with like-minded people all over the World, from Britain to Argentina, from Australia, Canada, America, South Africa and Poland and many other countries.
We have been very fortunate to live amongst our heroes, to talk with them and to carry the light forward for others to follow.

It is not over, the party just went into the kitchen!

Now, where is that CAKE!

Best wishes

Paul Davies

  • Re: Bills and spillspip, Thu Feb 22 09:08
    Someone say CAKE!!!!! Yep sadly the old BOBHSociety forum days are over. Let's just hope the interest in THE FEW.. (that seems to be thriving hugely still )...continues forever In the words of... more
    • Cheers to The Few and all of you.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:30
      Hi Pip We shall remember them. I have spread the word through a few thousand people across Linked In, Facebook and Twitter as well as on deveral Internet sites and forums and fell quite hopeful that... more
      • Spell Checking recommendedPaul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:31
        I am famous for letting my enthusiasm get in the way of a good spell check!
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