Re: Peter Jackson-what is happening with The Dambusters remake?
Fri Feb 23, 2018 20:16

It's shelved for the mo Paul. The replica Lancs and the Lanc interior mock ups are at Weta's storage facilities just outside of Wellington. The dog certainly created a great kerfuffle. I personally do not believe in sanitising history because it's a slippery slope, where do you draw the line? Romans chucked Christians to the lions which isn't terribly politically correct so do we leave that out of any film regarding that? As soon as you start trying to adapt history to modern attitudes and sensibilities you distort the truth of what you are telling and most importantly, of what actually happened and how, for right or wrong, people thought in those days.

I'm actually amazed given Sir PJ's first passion, that of WWI aviation, that he hasn't made a WWI aviation feature film yet. His film of the Australian Flying Corps and WWI air combat at the AWM in Canberra is downright stunning and probably the best film rendition of WWI air combat filmed. And he made it on a relatively small budget, I can only imagine what he could do with a big feature budget.

Who knows what will happen with Dambusters? For the foreseeable future I'd say it's on the backburner.

Tim Mk.II

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    • Re: Peter Jackson-what is happening with The Dambusters remake? — Smithy, Fri Feb 23 20:16
      • Remake Dawn Patrol!Paul Davies, Mon Mar 19 16:31
        Hi I wondered why he had that collection of WW1 aircraft and wondered if it was linked with some project along the lines of The Aviator, Wings, Aces High or a re-make of Hells Angels or Dawn Patrol... more
        • Re: Remake Dawn Patrol!Smithy, Thu Mar 22 09:29
          Hi Paul, I imagine that he will do something down the line Paul, it just doesn't make sense not too. I love "Winged Victory" too - it's probably one of the greatest books about war flying there is -... more
          • WW1 film by Peter Jackson.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:53
            Hi Smithy You are right. There is a film which could be made easily using much published material including many words written by the famous pilots of 56 Squadron:Ball VC, McCudden VC, Arthur... more
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