Remake Dawn Patrol!
Mon Mar 19, 2018 16:31


I wondered why he had that collection of WW1 aircraft and wondered if it was linked with some project along the lines of The Aviator, Wings, Aces High or a re-make of Hells Angels or Dawn Patrol perhaps?

There is a good market out there for good WW1 flying films and the loss of men in the trenches too.

Lots of good material in books such as Winged Victory by V M Yeates, Into the Blue by Norman Macmillan, Warbirds by Ellitt White Springs or even Flying Fury by McCudden VC!

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  • It's shelved for the mo Paul. The replica Lancs and the Lanc interior mock ups are at Weta's storage facilities just outside of Wellington. The dog certainly created a great kerfuffle. I personally... more
    • Remake Dawn Patrol! — Paul Davies, Mon Mar 19 16:31
      • Re: Remake Dawn Patrol!Smithy, Thu Mar 22 09:29
        Hi Paul, I imagine that he will do something down the line Paul, it just doesn't make sense not too. I love "Winged Victory" too - it's probably one of the greatest books about war flying there is -... more
        • WW1 film by Peter Jackson.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:53
          Hi Smithy You are right. There is a film which could be made easily using much published material including many words written by the famous pilots of 56 Squadron:Ball VC, McCudden VC, Arthur... more
          • WW1 Interview on Ball VC.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 14:03
            I copied the text from the BBC site I was interviewed for as one day Links get broken or sites disappear I find. My interviews with Greg Watson of the BBC were very long but cut down to these brief... more
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