Re: Remake Dawn Patrol!
Thu Mar 22, 2018 09:29

Hi Paul,

I imagine that he will do something down the line Paul, it just doesn't make sense not too.

I love "Winged Victory" too - it's probably one of the greatest books about war flying there is - but it would be hard to get that introspection and the growing inner anxiety onto the big screen as effectively as it was conveyed in the book. Interestingly at the start of WWII, copies of "Winged Victory" were selling for big money within the RAF as it was considered (and rightly so) the closest one could get to the experience of being a combat pilot in a book.

I think there's a film with 56 Sqn, something revolving around the meteoric careers of Ball, Rhys Davids and Mac. And as they all sadly perished it would underline the great loss which ultimately marks that conflict. Plus Sir PJ has enough SEs to do it!

Tim Mk.II

  • Remake Dawn Patrol!Paul Davies, Mon Mar 19 16:31
    Hi I wondered why he had that collection of WW1 aircraft and wondered if it was linked with some project along the lines of The Aviator, Wings, Aces High or a re-make of Hells Angels or Dawn Patrol... more
    • Re: Remake Dawn Patrol! — Smithy, Thu Mar 22 09:29
      • WW1 film by Peter Jackson.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:53
        Hi Smithy You are right. There is a film which could be made easily using much published material including many words written by the famous pilots of 56 Squadron:Ball VC, McCudden VC, Arthur... more
        • WW1 Interview on Ball VC.Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 14:03
          I copied the text from the BBC site I was interviewed for as one day Links get broken or sites disappear I find. My interviews with Greg Watson of the BBC were very long but cut down to these brief... more
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