Cheers to The Few and all of you.
Fri Mar 23, 2018 13:30

Hi Pip

We shall remember them.

I have spread the word through a few thousand people across Linked In, Facebook and Twitter as well as on deveral Internet sites and forums and fell quite hopeful that others will carry this torch forward to light up this part of our history.

You and others of the old Battle of Britain Historical Society-the original group, have done so much to keep these men remembered.

Not least-there are many people now knowing a lot more, and more accurate information rather than the myths, there are millions who have seen the Battle of Britain Monument on the Thames Embankment, or have watched many documentaries that mention the pre 2011 Society in its credits.

The Legacy of the Original Battle of Britain Society from the 1990 to 2011 period stands firm and the work that was done has, and will continue, to have an effect, long after we are drinking with these men at the Celestial Bar.

Cheers to The Few and all of you.

Paul Davies

  • Re: Bills and spillspip, Thu Feb 22 09:08
    Someone say CAKE!!!!! Yep sadly the old BOBHSociety forum days are over. Let's just hope the interest in THE FEW.. (that seems to be thriving hugely still )...continues forever In the words of... more
    • Cheers to The Few and all of you. — Paul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:30
      • Spell Checking recommendedPaul Davies, Fri Mar 23 13:31
        I am famous for letting my enthusiasm get in the way of a good spell check!
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