We will remember The Battle of Britain.
Fri Mar 23, 2018 14:08

Article I wrote a while back for the Battle of Britain upon Linked In . This was Last year. We are now 78 Years since 1940.

"Battle of Britain Remembered. We are now 77 years on from the most important period in recent British History-yet schools still do not tell the true story of the Battle of Britain 1940 to this day.

Around 544 men died fighting for Britain from Fighter Command, in the skies over Kent, Sussex, Essex and elsewhere, trying to stop the German bombers.

Here are some words from those who fought from both sides.

"It is difficult to describe my feelings during the next few days. We had just lost three pilots in thirty-six hours, all of them in fights in which we had been hopelessly out- numbered, and I felt that there was now nothing left to care about, because obviously from the law of probability, one could not expect to survive many more encounters of a similar nature....." Pilot Officer D.M Crook 609 Squadron RAF

Werner Kreipe III KG 2 Luftwaffe, Wrote:"...My wing was in the air for three hours in all. We reported one heavy cruiser and four merchant ships sunk, one merchant ship damaged, and eleven British fighters shot down or damaged. We had lost two bombers, two twin engined fighters and three single engined fighters during the course of this engagement."
Werner Kreipe III KG 2 Luftwaffe.


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