Forever Young-The Immortal Few.
Fri Apr 20, 2018 09:34

Hi Pip,

Paul Farnes I saw a few times at the Battle of Britain Services at Westminster Abbey, he is a remarkable man.

He winked at Stan Harthill, a groundcrewman opposite me.

Tim is looking well also.

I wont look anywhere near as good when I reach 60 in 2 years!

The Few will laways look back at us from the black and white images and cine film footage-forever young, stopped in time in the summer of 1940.

Best wishes

Paul Davies

  • Re: WC Tim Elkington and THE FEW.pip, Wed Apr 11 08:20
    He looks astounding... I also can't get over Paul Farnes...he hasn't change at all since his 20s!!
    • Forever Young-The Immortal Few. — Paul Davies, Fri Apr 20 09:34
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