Thanks Smithy
Sun May 27, 2018 22:38

Thanks Smithy, I shared the link to my sites also.

Thanks for the heads up.

Best wishes


  • Spitfire - The Feature DocumentarySmithy, Fri May 25 08:18
    To be released in cinemas in the UK on the 17th July is this rather cracking looking doco about the grand old girl. Sorry don't know how to hyperlink or whatever you call it, but if you cut and paste ... more
    • Thanks Smithy — Paul, Sun May 27 22:38
    • Re: Spitfire - The Feature DocumentaryAnonymous, Sat May 26 09:03
      doco???!!! Is, 'documentary' too much for your fingers, Timo? (Apart from the fact it should be, 'docu!!!' IF you have to abbreviate the word, Timu)
      • Re: Spitfire - The Feature DocumentaryAnonymous, Tue May 29 19:00
        Mr or Mrs/Miss Anony Mouse. Have you the courage to say who you are rather than be just a Keyboard warrior? Two can play this game!
      • Re: Spitfire - The Feature DocumentarySmithy, Sat May 26 12:59
        Who peed in your pocket Mr Pendantic? Cat shat on the carpet again or do you normally wake up being a priggish tit? Have a lovely weekend although I'm sure you'll be too busy complaining to the... more
        • Note For Pip.Paul, Sun May 27 22:37
          Pip, could you remove the post that replied, to Tim (Smithy) as cowards will, as Anon. Note to the P.O. Yes:I also abbreviate. I will be your wingman anytime, Smithy! Best wishes Paul
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