Re: Spitfire - The Feature Documentary
Tue May 29, 2018 19:00

Mr or Mrs/Miss Anony Mouse. Have you the courage to say who you are rather than be just a Keyboard warrior?

Two can play this game!

  • Re: Spitfire - The Feature DocumentaryAnonymous, Sat May 26 09:03
    doco???!!! Is, 'documentary' too much for your fingers, Timo? (Apart from the fact it should be, 'docu!!!' IF you have to abbreviate the word, Timu)
    • Re: Spitfire - The Feature Documentary — Anonymous, Tue May 29 19:00
    • Re: Spitfire - The Feature DocumentarySmithy, Sat May 26 12:59
      Who peed in your pocket Mr Pendantic? Cat shat on the carpet again or do you normally wake up being a priggish tit? Have a lovely weekend although I'm sure you'll be too busy complaining to the... more
      • Note For Pip.Paul, Sun May 27 22:37
        Pip, could you remove the post that replied, to Tim (Smithy) as cowards will, as Anon. Note to the P.O. Yes:I also abbreviate. I will be your wingman anytime, Smithy! Best wishes Paul
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