• Hi Dennis, I hope you are bearing up? I was sad to see that Mary had also gone-now one of that lost generation with very few wartime pilots left. I cannot think of any other ATA girls left who flew... more
      • Very Few ATA pilots, male and female survive nowPaul Davies, Mon Oct 1 12:15
        Hi Dennis. I am trying to find an answer to this but there are no definitive answers yet.Mary Ellis was among the last known surviving pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary which delivered fighters... more
        • There can't be terribly many left Paul. This year has been a shocker for our old heroes departing us. It's inevitable as we all know but still sad. Tim Mk.II
          • So Few.Paul Davies, Thu Nov 1 13:58
            Hi Tim, Yes, I was saddened to learn of the loss of so many veterans. I was abroad when Tom Neil and Geoffrey Wellum both passed over. They between them did so much to tell the story of the battle in ... more
            • Re: So Few.Smithy, Thu Nov 1 23:29
              Good to hear from you Paul. Geoff and Tom's passing in quick succession was very sad and especially due to their magnificent books which have made anyone who has read them feel as if they know them... more
            • Re: So Few.Anonymous, Thu Nov 1 14:00
              Sorry, I am known for my enthusiasm before my spell checking! Paul Farnes- I meant
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