Paul Davies
Tim Elkington got a Me 109 Today. 15th August 1940
Wed Aug 15, 2018 14:27

Tim Elkington got a Me 109 Today. 15th August 1940 in the Battle of Britain. He was flying a Hawker Hurricane mark 1 with 1 Squadron. The Messerschmitt BF109E disappeared vertically through cloud after he hit it. In many books he is shown as getting this one as well as sharing one over Russia.

Sadly Tim was shot down by a Messerschmitt BF109E flown by a top German ace-Helmut Wick the next day, 16th July 1940. Wick would be killed by John Dundas on 28th November 1940 with around 56 vicories and Dundas was killed seconds later by his wingman. John had 13 victories with 609 Spitfire Squadron by this time.

Wing Commander John "Tim" Ekington is now one of the last 8 (known) survivors of the Battle of Britain and is one of only 5 who flew Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain of 1940.

May we remember him for his service to this country in her hour of need.

Paul Davies

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