1940s Weekend this Saturday and Sunday-Lytham St Annes.
Wed Aug 15, 2018 14:45

August 18th-the Hardest Day Battle of Britain 1940 and August 19th, this Sunday and Saturday-Lytham St. Annes has a 1940s weekend with a Messerschmitt 109 and a Spitfire replica as well as many wartime vehicles and re-enactments in RAF and wartime service uniforms of the Americans and other Allies. There are also many people dressed up in authentic WW2 uniforms and dresses etc and the bunting is out and the shops are all themed as wartime with singers, actors and lots to see and do including sit in a Spitfire photo opportunities, etc.Lytham turns the clock back in mid-August by 70 years, and thousands of visitors descend on the town for the annual Lytham 1940s Wartime Festival.

Go back in time to the war years of the 1940s, featuring historic vehicles, music and dance of the period, memorabilia, thrilling battles and living history camps.

Soak up the atmosphere of the era when many visitors are in wartime dress and the fashion of the 40s.



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