Re: For Pip-The Scroobious Pip
Wed Aug 15, 2018 16:35

Good grief!!!
I have never read nor heard of this before..
Hilarious : )
Great word : )

  • For Pip-The Scroobious PipAnonymous, Wed Aug 15 14:51
    The Scroobious Pip went out one day When the grass was green, and the sky was grey. Then all the beasts in the world came round When the Scroobious Pip sat down on the ground. The cat and the dog and ... more
    • Re: For Pip-The Scroobious Pip — pip, Wed Aug 15 16:35
      • Battle of Britain-ish Poetry Corner!Paul Davies, Thu Nov 1 14:17
        Truly Scrumptious the Scroobious Pip. Took up a Tiger for a roll and a flip Her dad taught the fighters to fight and to fly. She worked hard for remembrance of heroes gone by. (Tiger Moth,... more
      • Re: For Pip-The Scroobious PipPaul Davies, Wed Aug 15 22:19
        I knew you would love it! Best wishes from Paul
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