Paul Davies
Re: For Pip-The Scroobious Pip
Wed Aug 15, 2018 22:19

I knew you would love it!

Best wishes from Paul

  • Re: For Pip-The Scroobious Pippip, Wed Aug 15 16:35
    Good grief!!! I have never read nor heard of this before.. Hilarious : ) Great word : )
    • Battle of Britain-ish Poetry Corner!Paul Davies, Thu Nov 1 14:17
      Truly Scrumptious the Scroobious Pip. Took up a Tiger for a roll and a flip Her dad taught the fighters to fight and to fly. She worked hard for remembrance of heroes gone by. (Tiger Moth,... more
    • Re: For Pip-The Scroobious Pip — Paul Davies, Wed Aug 15 22:19
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