Remembering Tim Elkington and Fred Berry 16/8/40
Wed Aug 15, 2018 22:38

In remembrance of the service during the Battle of Britain of Wing Commander JRD "Tim" Elkington and of Flt. Sgt. Fred Berry.

Both flew in defence of Britain during 1940. Tim had shot down a Messerschmitt BF109E on 15th August and was nearly killed the next day-August 16th by one of the top German fighter aces:Helmut Wick of JG2. (Wick was killed 28/11/40 by John Dundas of 609 Squadron, when Wick had 56 victories, John was killed just seconds later by Wick`s wing man, off the Isle of Wight.)

Flt Sgt. Fred Berry, also of Number 1 Hurricane Squadron, saw Tim bale out after being set on fire and realized that he would drown so blew him , with his slipstream, safely back onto land near West Wittering, thus saving Tim`s life.

Tim never got to thank Fred as he was in hospital still recovering from his injuries or recovering and away from the squadron when Fred berry was killed a few weeks later in September 1940. Fred had also shot down the bomber that killed my Mother`s cousin who was on the Lancastria troop ship which sunk with the greatest number of lives recorded in a sea disaster, after it was hit by the bomber. Troops saw Berry`s deed and he was given a DFM medal for this.

May we remember Fred as one of the Fallen Few, 1 man of 544 who paid for Britain`s freedom in 1940 with their life. May we remember also Tim Elkington, who is one of the last surviving members of The Few, which is thought to number just 8 men now.

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