Battle of Britain Mystery Pilot.
Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:06

In the Battle of Britain Survivors of The Few listed from 2017 it shows:

Sergeant A J M Peace possibly served with 74 and 616 squadrons but was this in the Battle of Britain period? I wonder if he served in 1940 or later but outside of the 10th July to October 31st 1940 periods? Does anyone know?

I cannot find him listed in some Battle of Britain lists but he is mentioned in the Surviving Few list above, in the links shown.

The only similar or listed battle of Britain pilots in the P category near to this spelling who served in this period are the following:

Pearce, Leonard Harold Borlase Sgt BR 32 & 615 Sqns KIA 9 April 1941
Pearce, Peter Griffin Sgt BR 600 Sqn KIA 15 December 1941
Pearce, Roy Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Pearce, William John Sgt BR 236 & 23 Sqns KIA 5 November 1941
Pearcy, Dennis Jack Sgt BR 219 Sqn KIA 15 November 1940 (Air Gunner)
Pearman, Stanley James Plt Off BR 141 Sqn
Pearse, Leslie Lewis Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Pearson, D E Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Pearson, Geoffrey Wilberforce Sgt BR 501 Sqn KIA 6 September 1940 (Pilot)
Pearson, Philip Sgt BR 238 Sqn KIA 29 May 1942 (Egypt)
Pease, Arthur Peter Plt Off BR 74 Sqn & 603 Sqns KIA 15 September 1940 (Pilot)

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      Also not shown in the list here: Peachment, Charles Barton Gower Plt Off BR 236 Sqn Retired as a Sqn Ldr in 1947; Died 1979 Peacock, Dennis Charles Sgt BR 605 Sqn KIA 15 September 1942 Peacock,... more
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