Re: Battle of Britain Mystery Pilot.
Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:08

Also not shown in the list here:

Peachment, Charles Barton Gower Plt Off BR 236 Sqn Retired as a Sqn Ldr in 1947; Died 1979
Peacock, Dennis Charles Sgt BR 605 Sqn KIA 15 September 1942
Peacock, Reginald John Fg Off BR 235 Sqn DFC KIA 5 February 1943 (North Africa)
Peacock, William Albert Sgt BR 46 Sqn MIA 11 September 1940
Peacock-Edwards, Spencer Ritchie Plt Off BR 253 & 615 Sqns DFC Died 1983

  • Battle of Britain Mystery Pilot.Paul Davies, Fri Dec 14 11:06
    In the Battle of Britain Survivors of The Few listed from 2017 it shows: Sergeant A J M Peace possibly served with 74 and 616 squadrons but was this in the Battle of Britain period? I wonder if he... more
    • Re: Battle of Britain Mystery Pilot. — Anonymous, Fri Dec 14 11:08
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