Last of The Surviving Few of the B of B
Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:14

Gerry may know others but I think now that the Last of The Few who are with us are these men:
Flight Lieutenant William Clark, 219 Squadron; (Blenheim Aircrew)

Wing Commander John Elkington, 1 Squadron; (Hurricane pilot)

Wing Commander Paul Farnes, 501 Squadron;(Hurricane pilot)

Squadron Leader John Hart, 602 Squadron; (Spitfire Pilot)

Flying Officer John Hemmingway, 86 Squadron;(Hurricane pilot)

Pilot Officer Archie McInnes, 601 Squadron;(Hurricane pilot)

Flight Lieutenant Maurice Moundson, 56 Squadron.(Hurricane pilot)

This is less than a Squadron, barely a flight in number, of these brave men who stood in the path of the Bombers and intentions of Hitler`s regime in 1940.

May we always remember such heroes and their absent friends.

Paul Davies

    • The Last 6 of the Few (Gerry is this right?)Paul Davies, Mon Feb 4 15:22
      Corrections: Sadly with the loss of Wing Commander Tim Elkington we have now 6 men. Also John Hemmingway was 85 Squadron, with Peter Townsend and others in 1940-not 86 squadron, sorry. Paul Davies
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