Edith Heap (Edith Kupp) WAAF 100
Mon Jan 7, 2019 12:48

Thank you.

Further detail to the above:
Air Marshal Sir Baz North (RAFA) sent me a nice letter in appreciation and also a certificate for Edith.

The Keighley Air Cadets provided an excellent tribute to Edith and enjoyed learning something of the Battle of Britain and her fiancee, Denis Wissler, who was killed in his Hurricane fighter with 17 Squadron-earlier he had fought whilst with Dicky Lee, Peter Townsend and others in 85 Squadron.

The RAF Leeming contingent exceeded all expectations and provided a great turnout, parade and honoured Edith with a speech and an RAF flag as well as presenting the certificate sent to me by Baz North.

The local News reporter for a group including the Keighley News and Yorkshire Post copied details I gave him and used images I provided also.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire)televised the event on their news programmes for 24/11/18 and paid honour to Edith also.

The local community of Silsden had put up flags and bunting to honour her and local schools, police and businesses were on hand to wave at her as she was taken on a horse drawn carriage ride through the town, with many messages of support and appreciation for her service and for her 100th birthday.

BBC Leeds interviewed me on 25th November about Edith Kupp and I provided all the details of her, which was used and I was credited with as well as images I supplied.

Edith Kupp prefers to be known by her maiden name as such this is rather than her married name of Edith Heap, although she is famous in books and documentaries such as Fighting the Blue, Finest Hour and others under both names.

She is often mis-spelt as Kup or Cup also!

She was an amazing lady to talk to and still had a good sense of humour and I will treasure being able to pay honour to her and organise the Military salute that was paid to her by organising the ATC, RAFA and RAF and BBC to honour her.

It was the least I could do in recognising her service and her sacrifice and also, for me, tied in with all the Battle of Britain pilots I have met and events I have helped with or attended, bringing home to me the sacrifice in war and the service of the whole nation.

Paul Davies

  • Thanks V much.Anonymous, Fri Nov 30 08:02
    Thanks V much.
    • Edith Heap (Edith Kupp) WAAF 100 — Paul Davies, Mon Jan 7 12:48
    • Re: Thanks V much.Paul Davies, Mon Dec 3 13:16
      Hi You are welcome. I will post my interview with her later on here and online on several sites I run or contribute to. It was an honour to be asked by Lynn Forshaw, the Activities co-ordinator at... more
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