Mike Caws
BoB Chess Set
Sun Jan 13, 2019 15:12

Good news chaps! Lt Cdr Mike Caws RN retd is fit and well (in Jan 2019) and living in retirement in Dorset.
In 1985 Mike worked at RAF Uxbridge and together with Sqn Ldr Des Hodge , conducted tours of the underground Ops Room evenings and weekends.

  • Battle Of Britain Chess Set Mark N, Wed Jan 29 01:21
    For those still wondering if you can get hold of the BoB Chess Set on display in the 11 Group/ BoB Bunker at Uxbridge I received today the email below from Bob Jeffries BoB Bunker re its origins.... more
    • BoB Chess Set — Mike Caws, Sun Jan 13 15:12
      • ChatMark Nottle, Mon Jan 14 11:21
        Good news indeed Mike . Love to have a chat about it . Email address above . Cheers Mark
    • Who can produce a Battle of Britain chess set?Paul Davies, Wed Jan 29 12:31
      Thanks Mark I still have a rare, collectable Battle of Britain game but a Chess set would be a great idea. Perhaps Waddingtons or someone will take this up? Good way to introduce a wider and younger... more
      • Lock, Helmut Wick and the Battle of Britain.Paul Davies, Wed Jan 29 12:53
        Seeing this list of Luftwaffe pilots who scored in the Battle of Britain, it shows Wick with around 42 B of B claims including, I suspect the November claims before he was killed in action by John... more
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