Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:11

Hi Sara,
I also babysit, I am a little older than you at 16..I love bathtime and potty training them
if you would like to talk you can email me

  • Bathing boys - Sara, Thu Nov 24 18:09
    Im a 13 year old girl and I recently started babysitting 2 boys, ages 4 and 6. Their mom wants to bathe them as well. I must admit it does turn me on a little as I wash their penises. Pulling the... more
    • Sara - Jackie, Sat Nov 17 18:13
      I do. I bathe two little boys. They like it when I wash them there. Not sure if I like them soft or stiff. Both ways are fun to touch.
    • Re: Bathing boys - suzie, Thu Oct 25 08:13
      hi to the 13 yr old girl i am said u bathe 2 boys it must be very exciting do u wash one in each hand...cute balls too? i rub the two penis' against each other a lot they get very erect and... more
    • Chrissy my mom ....use my dads email,,,bathe my 2 sets of twins brothers just like my mom Freea,a hippy...i love playing with their super cute smooth balls and peters,, and i... more
      • post - jackie, Wed Oct 24 22:20
        I didn't realize there was so many post that talk about stuff like this. Do you use your mom's email or your dads? Do you let them massage you too? I don't dare do stuff like that. I just baby sit... more
    • Re: Bathing boys - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 20:35
      I am 13 also. I started when I was 11. I like to pull the skin back too. The little heads feel kinda rubbery. I like the color. Sometimes I move the skin up and down just to watch the tip come out. I ... more
      • Re: Bathing boys - Cecílie, Wed Nov 14 13:14
        I babysit for a family with two boys 7 and 5 and a girl 7 from the neighbour family. I watch them for a couple of hours a day so no bath time. But I'm very curious to bath the boys and see them nude. ... more
        • Cecilie - Alex, Wed May 8 05:00
          Cecilie do you have any more stories about babysitting the two boys and the girl?
        • Re: Bathing boys - Cecílie, Wed Nov 14 13:26
          Maybe as an idea I could wait for the day when the 7 year olds will have a PE classes at school and tell that they are sweaty and need a bath? (The 7 year old boy and and girl are the classmates). I... more
          • Re: Bathing boys - jackie, Thu Nov 15 22:29
            IDK. Guess you have to wait for something like that. Haven't bathed a little girl. Are you curious about them too?
            • Re: Bathing boys - Cecílie, Fri Nov 16 03:38
              Not much but I think that if both the 7 year olds would have a PE class (they are the classmates) then it would be looking strange if I will give a bath only to the boy. They are from the different... more
              • Cecilie - jackie, Fri Nov 16 18:29
                Ok. I am kinda curious as to how the girl will react and what she will do. Do you like bathing your girl cousin? Does she like it when you wash down there?
                • Re: Cecilie - Cecílie, Fri Nov 16 22:13
                  I love playing with her at her bath time. When I was 10 we used to bath together but not anymore. I now play with her and bathe her. She is 6 now. Nothing special happening when I wash her downthere... more
                  • Cecilie - Jackie, Sat Nov 17 18:07
                    I think maybe the boy will be embarrassed. But maybe not. Maybe you can show your girl cousin how to wash them. You do one and let her do the other. Yes I pull the skin back as much as I can with... more
                    • Re: Cecilie - cecílie, Sun Nov 18 03:02
                      That's an idea LOL. It might be fun to watch. I can let her wash the 5 year old if she would like. How do you think what is better - put them in a tub together or wash the boys with a help of the... more
    • Re: Bathing boys - Chrissy, Fri Feb 17 03:14
      I am a 13-year-old girl and I recently got a babysitting job where I have to pay a four-year-old boy and I loved playing with his penis bathtime is my favourite! Kik me at cwcox if you wanna talk more
      • to chrisie - suzie, Tue Oct 23 15:58
        i am 12...i also babysit for another nudist fam..with 5 and 6 yr old boys that i bathe...also they have 9 and nearly 12 yr old brothers....i started the other day bathing the 2 youngest... more
      • Babysitting young boys and girls - FunGuy1326, Sun Feb 19 09:09
        Hi, I would like to talk wiuth you about your experiences babysitting but I do not have Kik. My email is the same name as on here if you want to email me.
      • Re: Bathing boys - Chrissy, Fri Feb 17 03:15
        Suppose to babysit a 4 year old boy
        • bathing little boys cute erections - Freea, Sun Oct 21 18:15
          ti am a young single breastfeeding mom with 2 sets of twin boys..we are nudists, and besides bathing the 4 erections and boys go around the home mostly erect and while nursing the 4 and... more
          • Re: bathing little boys cute erections - jackie, Wed Oct 24 22:14
            never thought about put them in my mouth. eeeww! Aren't you afraid they might pee? Do you play with them while they nurse?
            • while bathing naked little boys - SUZIE, Mon Dec 17 09:00
            • reply to Jackie& bathing boys - suzie, Mon Dec 17 08:12
              this is Suzie here replying to your question bout my mom nursing,yes as she nurses the boys 2 at a time,i rub their balls in each hand then their erections in each hand ,very exciting ,the 11 yr olds ... more
            • bathing little boys - suzie, Thu Oct 25 04:32
              hi Jackie...i am 12 and been a nudist with my brothers all my life...always seen their super cute erections with the huge heads ( glands) so so formed and smooth,in the tub i get in too and they wash ... more
              • bathing little nudist boys - Suzie, Wed Jan 2 05:04
                well,mom ,me and a couple girlfriends ,13 and 14,love to see my 4 brothers ,get out of the tub nude,running round our house and secluded property with erections,the boys love to be erect as much as... more
              • Suzie - Jackie, Sat Nov 17 18:19
                Sounds weird. Do you do anything with your parents?
              • bathing boys - suzie, Thu Oct 25 04:49
                hey jackie how old are u ? to answer a question mom and i still use dads email though he died when i was a baby of a hit and run was always his and hers email to-gather
                • Suzie - Jackie, Mon Nov 19 14:51
          • bathing 4 yr olds - Freea, Sun Oct 21 18:33
            i have bathed cute 4 yr olds many times very cute faces and cute peters and balls,,,be creative and and make them feel the greatest possible.. a little boy loves that.... what would you really like... more
        • Re: Bathing boys - mandie, Sat Feb 18 10:53
          I love to babysit boys that age...they are so much fun....
          • bathing little boys cute erections - Freea, Sun Oct 21 18:58
            to the girl who has fun bathing their erections and balls i am a young mom of 2 sets of boy twins what do you do with their erections and balls to have fun?their are many things you can do more
          • Fun Ages - FunGuy1326, Sun Feb 19 09:02
            What do you find to be the most fun babysitting boys that age(4yo)? What age range do you prefer? Do you also enjoy babysitting girls? What ages of girls do you like? Do you like giving boys and... more
    • Bathing - Helga, Fri Dec 9 00:03
      Yay! :) I used to feel the same in your age in a similar case. At the age of 12 and till my 14 I was at boarding school (orphanage) where we girls were assigned to wash the younger children, both... more
    • Bathing Boys - FunGuy1326, Wed Nov 30 14:22
      I am much older now but babysat all through my teens. Bathing girls and boys as well as getting them in pj's for bed was just part of the job. It is a bit exciting at first but after a while is is... more
    • Boys - Mandy, Fri Nov 25 12:11
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