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Bathing old boys
Fri Jan 27, 2017 00:28

Wow! You babysat you babysat and bathed your older brothers? How did you have such authority to tell them what to do? What would you do if your older brother messed with you? Isn't it awkward for these boys to have their younger sister bathe them?

  • Bathing older boys - Gina, Sat Jan 4 13:12
    Being the only girl with 5 brothers I helped my mom bathe them even though 3 were older. She left me in charge when she was gone. My older brothers knew I got paid to babysit them, but it started at... more
    • Bathing old boys - Tom, Fri Jan 27 00:28
    • Bathing Older Boys - FunGuy1326, Tue Jan 7 06:56
      I am the oldest of 6, 2 more brothers after me and then 3 sisters. I had to help my mom with bath time and getting them ready for bed so I never bathed anyone older than me but I did help with bath... more
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