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Prince Vegeta
Memoir of a Male Babysitter
Sun Apr 9, 2017 10:51

I found myself a... distinct (I guess) forum this evening. There's lot's for me to say (I read a lot of weird stuff), so I'm gonna tell what's probably going to be a very long story. This board is really taking me back to high school, the only point in my life where I had consistent babysitting gigs, two of them. All others were very small boys for one night gigs. One for a little boy named Noah who I might write about some other time, and one for a little girl named Veronica from just before she turned 10 until she was 12 and a half (I went to college, but she really didn't need a sitter by then anyway). Neither were jobs I sought out. I was roughly 15, and I had no interest in children, buy by the time those two experiences were up, I wanted to be a father more than anything.

This forum appears to revolve around experiences with bathing children, and I bathed both of the aforementioned children probably hundreds of times before I stopped sitting for them. I didn't realize it was even going to be a thing until I had walked into Veronica's house for the gig. Her mother was a friend of my father, who had convinced me (somewhat against my will) to take the job, which was supposed to be a one-evening thing. Veronica was an only child (as am I... figured we could connect on each other's weirdness :P) so I assumed the job would be simple enough. Little did I know that I was walking into possibly the strangest encounter of my life so far.

I was greeted by her mother. We bantered for a couple minutes, I tried to pretend I actually wanted to be there, until the girl made an appearance. We greeted each other, I asked her about the book she was holding, told her we were gonna have lots of fun. Her mother shouted up to Veronica's father to hurry up, and then she turned to her daughter and said something like "We're not gonna get back until way after you go to bed, sweetie. You and him are gonna play around until dinner. He'll make you whatever you want. Then he's gonna give you a bath and put you to bed. Alright? Daddy and I will see you first thing tomorrow."

The next second felt like an ice age to me, and judging by Veronica's blank stare she felt the same way. This woman had actually just given someone she had met maybe three times prior (a male babysitter no less; thinking back that was pretty outside the box although I didn't realize it at the time) permission to bathe her little girl... not to mention me and Veronica had literally just met. I wasn't concerned with having to wash her. Of course I intended no harm! I truly felt empathetic for Veronica. If anyone should be choosing who invades her privacy and puts their hands on her naked body, it should've been Veronica. Her mother even half-heartedly asked her "Alright?" and then just kept talking. Veronica never said anything, seemingly knowing she didn't have a choice. She was absolutely not ok with this and clearly felt very uncomfortable, and I completely understood.

Her mother told me to walk with her outside and she laid out how the night was to go as we approached her car. "Cook her some dinner at 7, let her watch some TV if she wants to after. Bath time is at 8:30, in bed by 9. She's gonna want you to read her a story, she'll know which one and I promise she'll fall asleep very quick." Finally, her husband exited the front door. "One last thing," she said, squinting a little bit. "You know how to give a kid a bath, right?" I said yes, and that wasn't a lie. It wasn't going to be anywhere near the first time. What I didn't say was a) "YOUR DAUGHTER ISN'T THAT LITTLE, MA'AM" and b) "I've never bathed a girl before" and looking back I really should've said at least one of those. Instead, I made no issue of it. She replied, "Good, because I'm requiring you to bathe her. She cannot be left alone in the bathtub for even one second, ok? It's your job to make sure she gets clean because if I or her father aren't there it doesn't happen, and it needs to happen. If she says something, tell her it's my order. Period." That lack of consideration of her only child's feelings; that gross disrespect of her right to privacy... it pissed me off! I guess she was nutty about the possibility of her drowning, but again: this is a 9-year-old girl! Nonetheless, not wanting to incite any conflict, I said it was fine, that I would take care of it. The father finally reached the car, said "Hi" to me with a smile and got in the passenger seat. REALLY??? I GET ONE WORD FROM YOU? The mother rolled her eyes and said, "see you at 11." Then she got in the car and drove off. I remember wanting to tell my dad that his friends kind of sucked.

I turned back to the house and walked back in, thinking about how little time I had to establish a rapport with this little girl. I figured that if we could form some type of bond over the next couple hours, then what was coming would be less humiliating for the poor thing. Veronica was waiting on the couch just inside. I got down to her level, said "so what do you like to do for fun around here?" and the evening went from there. We played a couple board games, and at one point I won at the last second which caused her to essentially jump on me. I wasn't prepared for it, but it was exactly what I had wanted: roughhousing. It's how I got the boys to warm up to me in the past, I was hoping it would work with Veronica. I won the wrestling match with expert tickling and then we played another game. She was smiling now, at least. Later she showed me some of her artwork. I asked her about school, her friends, her family. I wanted to make it seem like I cared, and by that point I truly did. Soon enough I cooked her some dinner and we watched Toy Story. After the food was gone, sometime around halfway through the movie, she leaned up against me, and I took the opportunity to put my arm around her. Anything to make it so she trusted me. It was all I could do, as the movie ended not long after, and that meant it was bath time.

I put the DVD in the case and turned back to her, kneeling down to her eye level, but she was looking down. I said, "OK Veronica, it's time for your bath" as matter of factly as I could. I was hoping she would say something, but how could I expect that with how awkward she clearly felt? Imminently, she was going to be forced to strip naked and consent to being washed by someone who was essentially a total stranger, and didn't even have the same genitalia. Thankfully, after a moment she nodded and we made eye contact. Then I came out and said it. "You know your mom says I have to bathe you, right?" That might've been a mistake, but it really needed to be stated. Her eyes shot back down and her cheeks very quickly blushed with shame. I did my best to follow up strong: "I can tell you aren't happy about that." Silence followed, but finally she shook her head no in agreement. "Good for you for being honest," I said. "I'm not happy about it either, but I promised your mom I would follow her directions. It's my job to care for you the same way she would while she's gone. You understand that, right?" Surprisingly, she nodded immediately. "I'm sorry, Veronica." I couldn't come up with anything else to say. I hadn't seen any tears in her eyes, but the poor kid still looked like she was about to burst. I asked her, "Are you ready?" It took her a moment before she looked at me and nodded. She stood up, and I said "You lead the way, Chief."

I followed her up the steps and into the bathroom. The tub on the left, I wasted no time in getting the water running. After I got the temperature at an optimal level, I glanced at Veronica. She was just standing there with a very bashful look on her face. Trying to give her more time, I found what I needed to bathe her: bodywash, a pitcher, shampoo, conditioner, a washcloth, and a bar of soap. With everything ready, she still hadn't moved, which meant I had to step in. I knelt down in front of her. "Alright kiddo, arms up." That actually almost worked. She brought her hands halfway up, but as I started to pull her shirt off, they came back down. I let a sigh go, not out of frustration with her, but out of frustration with the entire situation. I hated that this little girl, clearly very modest, was being forced to bare her genitals to someone she had just met. I needed to empathize with her to make this happen, because whether either of us liked it or not: I had to do my job.

"You're really embarrassed right now." She blinked, looked at me for a hot second, and then meekly shrugged. That obviously meant yes. "Remember, you can be honest with me about this. You want to disappear. You hate this. You hate this so much you can't even speak." More nodding. "And you probably despise me more than anything." Suddenly she shook her head no and looked at me. "No? Are you a little scared of me, maybe?" She shook her head no again and spoke for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, "No. I like you. I think you're really nice." That made me smile. "Aww, that's really sweet of you. I really like you too. I had so much fun hanging out with you tonight." That got a smile out of her. "And Veronica, I don't think this is fair. It's not fair that your mom is making you do this."

That finally got her going. "She doesn't care." "About what?" "She doesn't care what I think. She never cares about what I think!" And there came the waterworks. "Oh, kiddo... come here," I said as I pulled her in for a big hug. She wasn't bawling crying by any means, but she was finally letting her anger out. "It's ok. You're very safe here," I said before I kissed her forehead. Veronica spoke up again, "I wish she would go away forever sometimes." I replied, "I wouldn't be so quick to say that." "Why not?" "Because my mom did go away forever, and even though it doesn't hurt anymore, it definitely did for a very long time." Veronica pulled out of the hug to look at me. "You know your mom loves you, right?" I said. "I get that sometimes it might not seem like it-" I was interrupted, as it was her turn to hug me. "I'm so sorry," she said. "It's ok. I'm pretty over it. Life happens, and sometimes it really bites," was all I could think to say. Veronica took a moment to think, before she finally overcame her fears. "I'm ready," she said.

"You sure?" I asked. She responded by lifting her arms up. I grabbed her shirt, and felt the need to say one more thing. "You know I would never hurt you, right?" She quickly nodded, and that was my queue. I lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her young nipples. "You look just like I did when I was 9," I said. I remember feeling so stupid after uttering that line, but it actually made her laugh. I was doing my best to better this for Veronica. Pointing at her jean shorts, I inquired, "How about these?" The precocious, endearing tween responded, "could I please take these off?" "By all means," I replied, capitalizing on the chance to give her some autonomy. "That being said," I continued, turning around to look at the tub, "your bath is ready when you are." I stood up and turned the water off. Sitting down on the side of the tub, I glanced back to see her lowering the shorts to the ground, leaving her with one final garment protecting her modesty. Now clad in just her red boyshorts, Veronica slowly looked up at me. Sensing she wanted some kind of approval, I gave her a warm smile. I didn't really know what else to do... obviously, she was quite young for my taste. Veronica then asked I question I wasn't expecting, "Can we be friends?" I let a quick chuckle go and said, "I thought we already were." Her smile made it clear that I had finally won her over. Hesitating just a little bit, Veronica pushed her boyshorts down and slid them off, exposing her pre-teen vulva. The cherubic girl looked at me with a bit of doubt, seeming like she was forcing herself to keep her hands at her side. Noticing that she was blushing again, I kept my smile going and declared, "it's all yours," gesturing to the bathtub.

Veronica walked over and stepped into the tub. "Soak in the water for a little bit. Get your hair wet. I'll start by washing that. Then I'll wash your body and then we'll be all done!" I grabbed the shampoo as she got her hair wet and squeezed some into my hand. "Ok, on your knees." She took the position and I began to wash her hair. We began to talk about movies, getting on the subject of Disney/Pixar. I asked her which ones she liked the best/worst, and this ignited a long speech that lasted until long after I had applied the conditioner. I interrupted her tirade after I had rinsed her hair out using the pitcher, "Alright young lady. Stand up." She obeyed, and I picked up the body wash. "I'm gonna cover your body with this, ok? Everywhere except between your legs. We'll save that for last." "Sure," she approved. "Keep talking to me about the movies," I said. As she continued, I rubbed the body wash into my hands and began to apply it. Spinning her around, I started with her shoulders and then worked my way down her smooth body, washing her back and making sure to get her sides as well. As she continued to speak, Veronica would emit an occasional quick yelp when I would touch her in a sensitive space. I reached her buttocks, covering them as well before moving down to her legs. I garnered some more body wash, making sure her legs got covered, before spinning her around to face me. Placing my left hand on her side, I washed the girl's chest thoroughly before proceeding down to her stomach and then finally washing under her arms, causing a shriek to escape from her.

I put the body wash aside and reached for the bar of soap, running it through the water and then wrapping the washcloth around it. "Ok, last but not least, I'm going to wash your genitals with this cloth. No more than three seconds, ok? Really quick." "Sure thing." "Spread your legs apart." I never had a problem washing any of the boys I'd bathed in my life with my hands, but no matter how young they were it always seemed wrong to me to make physical contact with a child's genitals when I'm to be caring for them. I applied the same rule to Veronica, with the added fact that I had never washed a little girl's private parts before. Placing the soaped up cloth over my right hand and holding her by her waist with my left hand, I reached for the girl's vulva. I could hear a very soft gasp come from Veronica as I made contact with her most sensitive body part and a couple more gasps as I gently scrubbed between her legs. As I pulled my hand away, I said, "all done." I filled the pitcher up with water and told Veronica to crouch down. She complied, and pouring the pitcher with one hand I rubbed her body with my other, making sure everything was getting rinsed off, starting on her back before moving to her front, reaching around to rub her chest and stomach. "Good girl," I said. She smiled at me.

"Stand up. Get on out of there." Veronica did so, and I wrapped her up in a towel before pulling the drain in the tub. I picked her up, sat on the closed toilet and placed her on my lap. "Now," I said, "was that so bad?" She shook her head, which made me laugh. Then we just sat there for a few minutes, in silence. It was then that I realized how far both of us had come from the moment we had met each other. "I thought to myself: what the hell just happened?" To this day I don't know the answer.

I stood Veronica up and rigorously dried her hair. I hung the towel up, spun the girl around, and said, "Come on. Let's get you to bed," giving her two soft taps on her behind. In her bedroom, her pajamas were already laid out for her by her mother. I sat on her bed and watched her put a very big t-shirt on that came all the way down to halfway between her waist and her knees. The only other item laid out for her was a small pair of boxer shorts, which couldn't even be seen after she put them on due to that massive shirt. She climbed into her bed and I lay next to her, on top of the covers.


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