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Prince Vegeta
Memoir Finale
Sun Apr 9, 2017 10:53

"You're a brave kid, you know that?" "Thanks... I feel really safe with you." I looked down at her, smiling, and said, "Well, you should. Do you want me to read to you?" "No. I'm exhausted. But... can I ask you something?" "What's that?" "Will you hold me?" "Only if I can give you forehead kisses too." "Deal." "Then cuddling you shall have." I threw my arms around the little one and every 10-15 seconds or so gave her a tender kiss on the forehead. She was out cold in 5 minutes.


What you just read marked the beginning of a relationship with one of the most important people I've known in my life. One of the two children I've sat for that made it clear that fatherhood is going to be worth it. I started sitting for Veronica at least once a week from there on out until I went to school. All good things must come to an end, and I realized this was true with myself and Veronica long before we no longer saw each other due to me leaving for college. It would've ended very soon anyway, however, as she was 12 going on 13 at the time, and soon would no longer need a sitter if she even did at that point. I feel like her parents kept me around so long because she really liked me and it gave them a night out once a week. I bathed that girl virtually every night I sat for her up to the point that me washing Veronica stopped... and it's sort of messed up but there was no better way that we found for us to bond in all our time together.

When Veronica began developing breasts after she turned 11, I thought that was going to be the end of it, but with her permission (as well as a mutual vow of silence from her parents, who assumed that the baths just stopped sometime when she was 10), I continued to bathe her until after she had turned 12, with the added condition set by me that I would use the cloth to wash her breasts, which had replaced her once flat chest. One day, when I was reaching between her legs to scrub her vulva, I saw the first signs of pubic hair growing on her genitals. This was the day I had to draw the line, and I was happy to find that Veronica not only understood, but she agreed with me. After that, I left her alone when it was time for her bath, although if she asked me to sit with her to chat I didn't mind and I did so periodically.

Out of all of the sweet, tender moments I had with Veronica, the one that I have to detail to close this memoir out occurred roughly 1.5 years after my first time sitting for Veronica. I was just finishing up giving her a bath, rubbing body wash onto her developing breasts (I hadn't set the condition of cleaning her breasts with the cloth yet, they were barely A cup by then and she made it clear she didn't mind... and neither did I until one day soon after I was rubbing them and I felt a twitch down below....... that was a sign to change something) and then washing her vulva with a soaped up cloth. I rinsed her off, pouring the pitcher of water over her and rubbing my free hand up and down her back, around her side, up her stomach and finally a quick stop at her breasts. I dried her off and followed her naked body into her bedroom. By then she had begun selecting her own nightwear (and clothing in general), picking out a pair of athletic shorts and choosing keep her young breasts bare. Something came over me suddenly... I realized that the relationship we had with each other did not have long to live. I needed to hold her close and be as intimate as I possibly could be with her in that moment without crossing the line. I needed skin-to-skin contact with the little one. There was simply no other way in that moment. I took my shirt off, and just as she was climbing into bed, said, "Hey." She looked at me. "Come here. I kneeled as she approached me and then picked her up. She threw her arms and legs around me and let me hold her, let me feel the warmth of her skin. I rubbed and patted her back before falling onto her bed with her. I got her under the covers and we proceeded to cuddle some more.

"I love you," I said. It was the first time either of us had uttered those words to the other, but it was true. Certainly true for me and definitely true for both of us. It was such a simple and established statement that I was genuinely surprised when Veronica just started crying in my arms, burying her face into my chest. I gave her forehead a soft kiss. For added emphasis, I made sure to add, "I love you so much." However, it was already clear as crystal from both parties.

One more year of college before we can re-unite. I wonder how she's doing... best kid I babysat hands down.

- Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans --> "I AM THE HYPE"

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    • Memoir Finale - Prince Vegeta, Sun Apr 9 10:53
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