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bathed by baby sitter
Thu Apr 20, 2017 18:22

My parents and my uncle and aunt went to a Saturday night movie so my 17 year old cousin came to our house to babysit us. I was 14 and my sister was 11. My mother told my cousin that my sister's bed time was 9 pm and mine was 10 pm. She said my sister was to take a bath and I was to take a shower. Sometimes I would try to skip I shower and only wet my hair. My mother knew this and usually checked to see if I was taking a shower. As a result she told my cousin to make sure I took a shower. When it was time for my shower my cousin followed me into the bathroom just like my mother did and told me she was going to make sure I took a shower. I had no choice but to undress in front of my cousin. When I did, she smiled and said, "You're not a little boy anymore, you're fully grown." I was. She then watching as I showered and washed my back. When I finished she helped me dry off. It was both exciting and embarrassing to have my cousin see me naked. When I told my mother, she said that my cousin was family and it was all right for her to see me. My parents and uncle and aunt went to the movies about once every two months so my cousin saw a lot of me.

  • being bathed - Mike, Fri Mar 16 21:43
    My babysitter when I was 9 was I think about 14 and she would bathe me. what embarrassed me was that she would let my little sister watch. We both got the idea that girls were suppose to babysit and... more
    • bathed by baby sitter - David, Thu Apr 20 18:22
    • Babysat By Younger Sister? - FunGuy1326, Tue Mar 20 19:30
      That does seem a little odd. Why would an 11 year old be babysitting a 12 year old? I was always at least 4 or 5 years older than the kids I sat for and usually 6 or 7 years older or more.
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