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Orgasm at an early age
Fri Jul 14, 2017 18:25

That is correct. I remember when I was about preschool age I saw a TV show with a pretty young girl. I found I had an erection. I did not know what was happening but I felt funny between my legs and rubbed it through my pajamas
I remember how good it felt, and then I orgasmed ,nothing came out. I didnt know what happened, but it felt great. I told my mom who was in the kitchen at the time. She told me mot to do that. So you are 100 percent correct that if they can get erect they can orgasm.

  • boys - lisa, Wed Dec 28 14:33
    if little boys can get erections then can they have orgasms to
    • Orgasm at an early age - Joe, Fri Jul 14 18:25
    • boys - FunGuy1326, Thu Dec 29 06:34
      Hi Lisa, It all depends on their age and a few other things. Erections are a naturally occurance that may not be caused by anything sexual. Very young boys are not likely to experience an orgasm from ... more
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