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First Babysitting Experience
Tue Aug 8, 2017 18:26

I came across this forum, and it got me reminiscing about the babysitting I did as a teen. There aren't as many male babysitters posting, so here I go ...

When I was 15, my mom volunteered me to babysit for a friend of her's who was in a lurch. The boys, Aaron and Levi, were eight and six.

I had never babysat before, and I was nervous, but their mom went over a list of things. What to give them for dinner, bed time, etc. It was a fairly long list of times, rules and suggestions. She told me I could spank them if they got too out of hand.

For bath time, she told me that Aaron would tell me if he wanted help, and that Levi would need me to do it for him. She said that they could be bathed together, and that she usually had them brush their teeth before getting in.

The list had nothing out of the ordinary, and it made me feel better to have something to follow; to know what I was doing.

The boys were absolute angels. Levi was very talkative and energetic; Aaron was significantly quieter and more thoughtful. When it came time for their bath, we were right in the middle of a board game. I told them we could come back and finish it after, and they didn't put up a fight. Before we went upstairs, I asked if they wanted to do it together or separately.

"Together!" Levi cried out. I looked at Aaron--he gave a little smile, but did not say anything, I told them to get ready, and went to the bathroom to begin drawing the bath. They came into the bathroom together, buck naked. Levi came straight over to the tub, but his brother called him back, reminding him they had to brush their teeth first.

Being naked didn't seem to be a big deal for them. They stood against the sink, butts facing me, and brushed their teeth before coming over to the tub. They were nice looking boys, and I couldn't take my eyes off them.

I let them get settled into the tub and play with their toys for a little. I simply watched them; I could not have predicted that I would enjoy just sitting there watching two naked boys play in the tub.

I told Levi I was going to wash him; I told Aaron he could wash if he wanted, or wait for me to finish with Levi. Aaron, in what I was learning was his usual fashion, didn't answer. I did the usual--shampoo, then stand, then soap. I used my hands, except for when I got to his bum, where I used a washcloth to make sure to clean it properly. He was ticklish when I got to some parts, like under his arms and his tummy. Then as I started washing him down there, he got a little stiffie.

I immediately stopped. My heart was pounding, and I thought I had done something wrong. As far as I knew, erections only happened when boys hit puberty.

"Am I done?" Levi asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Mom usually washes it more than that," Aaron chimed in. I looked at him; he was playing still, he did not appear to be watching, but he must have been.

I told Levi he wasn't done, and I went back to washing it, making sure to do it thoroughly. I let him settle back into the water, and told Aaron it was his turn. I just assumed, that since he didn't wash himself while I was helping Levi, that he wanted help as well. Just like his brother, he willingly came up to me and let me wash him.

I washed him the same way; he reacted the same way when I did it down there. He did not seem to notice anything about it--except one small difference. When I was washing Aaron, down there, he actually closed his eyes while I was doing it.

Once they were all rinsed and the tub was drained, I handed Aaron a towel and dried Levi off. I was about to tell them to get their PJs on, when they both ran off back downstairs, completely naked.

I followed them, and as promised, I finished playing the board game with two completely naked little angels.

The next day, I got a call from their mom saying that the boys were asking when I was coming back to babysit again. Since then, and through college, I've done a fair bit of babysitting. Of course, not every experience went that smoothly. I was definitely lucky that my first time I had boys that were so well behaved.

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