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Night time routine
Wed Aug 23, 2017 21:26

my mum was unemployed for a while I never had a babysitter till I was ten anyway. So my mum got a part time job cleaning and got her friend to look after me, I wasn't too close with my mum anyway but her friend was always nice to me when I seen her before anyway.So the time came where she babysat me she cooked tea and we watched TV and then I went to bed, but she done things a little different, were I just left my clothes in the bedroom till morning she insisted I take my clothes to her, she waited outside the door while I changed then gave my clothes to her (including my underpants) I was in my pyjamas, I said goodnight and went off to bed. Next thing I know she was knocking on my door and opening it, she said that there is all brown poop stains in my pants, I was embarrassed and said sorry, she said no need to be sorry but she needs to make sure I am clean for bed, she said she needs to check my bum I just froze at the thought, she said come on or I will call your mother, I instantly complied, she turned me over and pulled down my pyjama bottoms to reveal my bum, she spread my bum cheeks apart and looked into my bum hole, she said for me to stay there she came back with baby wipes and wiped my bum cheeks and spread my bum apart again to clean my hole. She said its ok if you struggle to wipe your bottom you will get it but for the meantime I need to check you from now on. every night she done the same thing and checked my bum and bum hole and wiped me clean

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