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baby sitting
Thu Apr 19, 2018 22:08

Sorry, I forgot to add more. I had never seen a boy naked before then. My mom knew their mom and I used to play with them when My mom would
visit. They were 5 and 6 at the time. They didn't seem to mind that I was bathing them. I was fascinated with their little weeners. I couldn't stop
looking at them. I liked washing them. I used my hands instead of a cloth. They both got hard and they started comparing each others to see
which one was bigger. I couldn't believe they were so hard, those little things. After the bath I let them go naked for a bit more and we played.

    • bathing erect little boys - Freea, Sun Oct 21 17:47
      yes i too have loved bathing little boys cute erections and cute bare 7 yr old twins they are circumcised with huge huge penis heads that i rub to-gather as they lick my large nipples and... more
      • Re: bathing erect little boys - jackie, Wed Oct 24 22:11
        Wow! What does your husband think of that? The only thing I did was bath and play with boys I baby sat.
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon May 21 08:11
      Hi, Jackie! I was thinking of our discussion yesterday when my children and two nephews had their bath time. I was washing the one my nephews, when my oldest daughter (7 year old) soaped up her hands ... more
      • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Tue May 22 16:14
        Really? Did you let her wash it? I still bath those two little boys. They are to the point where whey want me to keep washing their little things. I do. I like it. They still touch and play with each ... more
        • Baby sitting - Nathy, Sat May 26 09:00
          Hi I just seen your reply and comments and I was just wondering my babysitter ages ago said she needed to clean me because I was dirty, I dont think I was but she said dont play up or she will tell... more
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Thu May 24 01:34
          Jackie, how old are the boys? Are they siblings?
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Wed May 23 00:52
          I just don't wanna focus on it. She basically did exactly what I did washing the boys and I don't see anything wrong as long as they are not too focused on these parts. Anyway she herself was in a... more
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 04:38
      It is a kind of amusing how it comes that some girls never see a naked boy till their teens) However I remember my initial almost shock when I got to see my boy cousins in the nude when I was around... more
      • Babysitting - Jaames, Mon May 7 10:54
        When I was 11 Mom was on night shift at the hospital. She always found a student nurse to come and watch me. That included baths and spankings.. I was always embarrassed and crying if a spanking... more
      • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 09:58
        I know. I guess when you are younger it doesn't matter when you see one. but I am still fascinated with them. I still baby sit. I like how they wiggle when they are soft. sometimes I make them... more
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 14:54
          I loved it too))) What kids age do you babysit?
          • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 16:02
            I baby sit up to 5 or 6 years. I even got a little girl once to like me cleaning her between the legs. She is 4. The only thing I didn't like was when she poops herself. She did that once and not... more
            • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 19:28
              As a teen I babysat for kids up to elementary school age. I don't babysit now, I already have my own children. I remember a couple of boys I babysat who liked me to wash them between the legs, the... more
              • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 19:35
                Wow sorry, didn't know I was talking to a grown up. Do you like this site?
                • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 22:26
                  Jackie, no problem, it doesn't matter. I just have found your message surfing over the internet and added to the bookmarks. I did't read the whole site. I'll have a look. Actually I was looking for... more
                  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 22:36
                    Oh ok. I'm a teenager what do I know. I have bathed kids together for about 2 years. They didn't seem to mind. I guess maybe it depends on the age. I have baby sat anybody over 6.
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