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Re: baby sitting
Fri Apr 20, 2018 19:28

As a teen I babysat for kids up to elementary school age. I don't babysit now, I already have my own children.
I remember a couple of boys I babysat who liked me to wash them between the legs, the others didn't care.

  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 16:02
    I baby sit up to 5 or 6 years. I even got a little girl once to like me cleaning her between the legs. She is 4. The only thing I didn't like was when she poops herself. She did that once and not... more
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 19:28
      • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 19:35
        Wow sorry, didn't know I was talking to a grown up. Do you like this site?
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 22:26
          Jackie, no problem, it doesn't matter. I just have found your message surfing over the internet and added to the bookmarks. I did't read the whole site. I'll have a look. Actually I was looking for... more
          • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 22:36
            Oh ok. I'm a teenager what do I know. I have bathed kids together for about 2 years. They didn't seem to mind. I guess maybe it depends on the age. I have baby sat anybody over 6.
            • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Oct 29 14:43
              Hi Jackie! I didn't check this site long time in my bookmarks and I glad to see you're still here. I'm curious if you still babysit? Did you already had a chance to bath girls with the boys together?
            • Bathing boys - April32, Sat Apr 21 10:36
              Thank you Hannah and Jackie for adding your experiences,
            • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 23:01
              Were the kids you bathed together siblings or from the different families? Boys and girs? There are a lot of different opinions over the internet. Personally, I like the way it was in my childhood,... more
              • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Sat Apr 21 06:18
                I bathed 2 brothers and 2 girls separately. The girls were each from different families. When I bathed the brothers they got stiffies which I enjoyed and they were touching each other and I guess... more
                • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 00:37
                  Haha! Little boys are natural little explorers)))) This is another reason I stand for keeping girls wearing something for a coed bath time. At least it worked this past weekend. :)
                  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Mon Apr 23 08:13
                    I haven't had a boy and a girl together yet but am curious to bath them together. You are right to have the girl in panties. I think that might be fun to watch.
                    • Boys and Girls bath Together - Katie, Wed Dec 19 02:47
                      I've bathed boys and girls together. you are right, keep the girls in their panties when they are with boys. the boys should be completely naked of course to get clean, but girls should be in a... more
                    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 10:02
                      I'm sure you will have a chance sooner or later. :) They are cute and they have a lot of fun! But watch them carefully! They don't think about safety playing and could slip and fall! In addition, you ... more
            • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 22:37
              I mean I haven't bathed anyone over 6.
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