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Re: baby sitting
Fri Apr 20, 2018 22:26

Jackie, no problem, it doesn't matter.
I just have found your message surfing over the internet and added to the bookmarks. I did't read the whole site. I'll have a look.
Actually I was looking for someone's opinion on bathing siblings or cousins together. We are having a sleepover for our kids this weekend and i'm thinking about the bath time.

  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 19:35
    Wow sorry, didn't know I was talking to a grown up. Do you like this site?
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 22:26
      • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 22:36
        Oh ok. I'm a teenager what do I know. I have bathed kids together for about 2 years. They didn't seem to mind. I guess maybe it depends on the age. I have baby sat anybody over 6.
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Oct 29 14:43
          Hi Jackie! I didn't check this site long time in my bookmarks and I glad to see you're still here. I'm curious if you still babysit? Did you already had a chance to bath girls with the boys together?
        • Bathing boys - April32, Sat Apr 21 10:36
          Thank you Hannah and Jackie for adding your experiences,
        • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Fri Apr 20 23:01
          Were the kids you bathed together siblings or from the different families? Boys and girs? There are a lot of different opinions over the internet. Personally, I like the way it was in my childhood,... more
          • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Sat Apr 21 06:18
            I bathed 2 brothers and 2 girls separately. The girls were each from different families. When I bathed the brothers they got stiffies which I enjoyed and they were touching each other and I guess... more
            • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 00:37
              Haha! Little boys are natural little explorers)))) This is another reason I stand for keeping girls wearing something for a coed bath time. At least it worked this past weekend. :)
              • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Mon Apr 23 08:13
                I haven't had a boy and a girl together yet but am curious to bath them together. You are right to have the girl in panties. I think that might be fun to watch.
                • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 10:02
                  I'm sure you will have a chance sooner or later. :) They are cute and they have a lot of fun! But watch them carefully! They don't think about safety playing and could slip and fall! In addition, you ... more
                  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Mon Apr 23 11:38
                    Yean, maybe someday. Did the little girl try and mess with the boys things? And if she did, did you let it happen? I would like to see that. I like washing little boy's penises. They get so stiff.... more
                    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Mon Apr 23 14:38
                      Jackie, I never saw a girl purposely touching boys thing. However I don't make an issue if it happens accidentally when they are playing in a tub or if they help soaping them up
        • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Fri Apr 20 22:37
          I mean I haven't bathed anyone over 6.
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