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Tue May 22, 2018 01:01

Iím older now but when my mom who was single worked as head nurse in the hospital she found student nurses to babysit me. Some were cool but a few were really strict. I was told when to bath when to go to bed everything. And spanked. Once when I was 12 going on 13 I was caught jacking off. The babysitter took me to the kitchen and spanked the tip of my penis with a rubber spatula. It was like as she held my penis she went tap, tap, tap, WHACK! Tap, tap, tap, WHACK! I really cried through the spanking that followed.

  • Caught - FunGuy1326, Tue Sep 6 10:16
    Yes, like all boys they are going to play with themselves and when you go to their room to find them there they are, pants around their ankles or completely off and playing with it. Nothing wrong... more
    • Caught - James, Tue May 22 01:01
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