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Baby sitting
Sat May 26, 2018 09:00

Hi I just seen your reply and comments and I was just wondering my babysitter ages ago said she needed to clean me because I was dirty, I dont think I was but she said dont play up or she will tell my mum, I usually do it myself and I did say that but she just said that she needs to do it, she just layed me on the bed and used wet wipes, I cant remember when my mom done it last but I thought she would have just given me a bath. She held my thingy first of all she was saying she was checking to see how dirty I was it tickled a bit and she smelled me well as well then she used the baby wipes to wipe my thingy, then when she was done I had to turn over and she checked my bum. She spread my bum cheeks apart and was checking the middle of my bum and she smelled me there as well and she wiped me. She only babysat me once but Im older now. But I have seen comments saying they like looking at thingy. Did she like looking at my thingy

  • Re: baby sitting - Jackie, Tue May 22 16:14
    Really? Did you let her wash it? I still bath those two little boys. They are to the point where whey want me to keep washing their little things. I do. I like it. They still touch and play with each ... more
    • Baby sitting - Nathy, Sat May 26 09:00
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Thu May 24 01:34
      Jackie, how old are the boys? Are they siblings?
    • Re: baby sitting - Hannah, Wed May 23 00:52
      I just don't wanna focus on it. She basically did exactly what I did washing the boys and I don't see anything wrong as long as they are not too focused on these parts. Anyway she herself was in a... more
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