bathing little boys cute erections
Sun Oct 21, 2018 18:58

to the girl who has fun bathing their erections and balls i am a young mom of 2 sets of boy twins what do you do with their erections and balls to have fun?their are many things you can do twins are 7 and nearly 12.,rub their 4 erections to-gather,, and they do each other all at the same time.....the 11 yr olds have a great happening....i also suck their cute perfect toes as i wash their genitals with my toes they love that .....they also nurse me as i wash their very ,very erect 4 cute ,penis' so excited ..... does this all seem exciting and nice ??

  • Re: Bathing boys - mandie, Sat Feb 18 10:53
    I love to babysit boys that age...they are so much fun....
    • bathing little boys cute erections - Freea, Sun Oct 21 18:58
    • Fun Ages - FunGuy1326, Sun Feb 19 09:02
      What do you find to be the most fun babysitting boys that age(4yo)? What age range do you prefer? Do you also enjoy babysitting girls? What ages of girls do you like? Do you like giving boys and... more
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